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Somber reshade presets with clear views.
Added some pics to show how it goes with enbs.

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3 presets                                                                                Ulver, Nightsea and Reyth

Worked to avoid:
(it is slightly desatured)
 - vibrancy, extra sharpeness, bleeding bloom, strong hdr or fake hdr, exposure with bright whites, crushed/colored (day/night) darks.
Worked for: different weathers, preserve times of day sky box colors, interiors, snow, auroras and nights. Decent contrast.

FAAD Preset Added (most recent)
manually download this mod and install it by placing the reshade ini files in your skyrim se folder - where the game launcher is.
Download the latest reshade (4.7.0 ) here , double click it. And follow these instructions:
(I recommend installing everything and togglling every box, its easier, since newest versions have different install menus than shown here)
The newest reshade does not have some shaders used with these presets.
Install all the others that come included in the reshade framework nontheless.
Go to this link and download the pirate shaders for reshade
Like this

And include these files with the others on the reshade folders

Copy and paste the reshade-shaders folder to Skyrim folder; where the installed reshade is.

Select your launcher, skse or native loader from the browse option.

Next, click directx10 option


Select these shader packs

Select these shaders by clicking the checkbox from the shader packs. (Maybe you want other shaders to try)

I know its empty

Legendary shaders - two parts


If launching reshade for the first time open up with home key then click on continue in the bottom.
Select between presets by pressing the "Home" key. This opens the gui then select the preset you want

I like to toggle the presets on/off with F2.
View/toggle your fps in the settings tab.
Edit your screenshots directory in the settings tab as well.

A few notes
I recommend downloading the main version and toggle effects off to your liking and go from there - if you are hunting for performance or a different feel.
This way you will know what you will be missing out.
(p.e. the dof and bloom have a fps impact and are the worst offenders; next is ambient and clarity if present) -
Can´t go wrong by toggling these off - my recommendation is disabling the dof and one of the least offenders if you are at it.

Optionally there are stripped versions for more (maximum) performance . I recommend the game´s dof for this or dynavision mod, whatever floats.

The presets have different levels of night darkness - toggle effects off as you see fit -
usually it is bloom if its too bright or curves if its too dark. Use this info to tailor the presets to your liking.
These also depend on what textures you have for better or worse, light or heavy.

On a gtx960, it costs only 3 fps with bloom and dof disabled, otherwise its 8 with default settings - tested in a heavily modded game.

Made with elfx enhancer, cathedral weathers and tamriel master lights - Works with any other mod(s)/setup(s).

I also recommend that you make use of the configuration system that comes included in a weather mod because they have an impact even if you don´t notice it right away in the instance you´re at.- p.e. - tweaks for nighttime brightness, interiors, exteriors. 

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