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Beards, now for Legendary Edition

Original SE version here:

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This mod adds beards and mustache options to humans, elves and orcs. Now with limited Khajiit support.

This mod is player character only.

Before use:
In order to make this play well with LE I have deleted all the offending .TRI files. This means that you can't adjust the models in Racemenu. It shouldn't be too big an issue, Maybe some light clipping on some styles. Feel free to report anything you find.

Requirements: None

Conflicts - None

Issues and clipping - none that is known of, clipping is the same as vanilla, crouching, some longer styles will clip though your chest armor.

I've made the plugin an .ESM


All credit goes to Mharlek1 for this work. I merely optimized the beards
for LE and recreated the plugin as form43. Thank him for allowing me to upload this for those of us still on LE.