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Pine trees in Whiterun

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This mod adds pine trees of different sizes and types.
and optionally two small fences and a trellis garden around Gildergreen 
No added plants or shrubs, no aspen trees, no dead trees, no buildings and no clutter (any of these are not performance friendly additions, imo)

This is very lightweight on any system.

Uses any installed tree mod.
Choose a version.

Performance is negligible on an average system. Going down the stairs, where the view grasps plenty of the trees, may dip for a couple fps in the moment.

Recommended with a little tree mod because it fits the trunks and proportions given. But now using with a mix of jedi pine trees.

Mods I use for Whiterun:
Illustrious Whiterun
a little tree mod mixed with jedi pines pic 6
Glorious doors
Jk´s Drunken Huntsman and Bannered Mare, they affect the exteriors and are compatible by default
Raven´s Breezehome

enb is rudy-zangdar

I made this for personal use because I don´t use anything else for Whiterun. It shouldn´t hurt (much) a mod that has the same buildings distribution.
Does not interfere with navmeshes.

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