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Markarth - tourist destination 4th era, 211

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Ever had a reason to revisit Markarth ? Is Markarth the only reason to have fast travel enabled ?
Markarth becomes a window for a pleasant respite. Without cluttering the place and without hurting performance. Alive, green and wild, in a way that is faithfull to vanilla with its short vegetation.

This mod changes the city of Markarth (inside the walls only and it does not change interiors)
  • replacement for all the dead trees within the city with a green counterpart, in the same place with the same size more or less; results depend on your tree replacement mod
  • hides most ugly corners between rock formations and dirt with ivy and moss within the city
  • adds clutches of trees, building a composition from and based on said replacements and base additions area - non intrusive changes
  • adds another wooden stair to the other side of the water in the mines for easier navigation in and out - because its always a certain dive
  • adds stairs leading up from the mines with an archway - connecting the pathways, which support a waterfall, instead of a mound of dirt
  • adds a big banner at the keeps entrance 
  • removes free wine bottles from vistas and some superfluous flora within the city. Game designers left tthem there to leave things to our imagination most likely
  • adds windows to buildings - vanilla has no windows, all stone - lit during 7pm to 5am

resort city 
  • adds points of interest to the city - waterfall, pools and hydrotherapy dwemer umbrella hot tubs

what this mod does NOT do:
  • add redundant clutter
  • hidden chests
  • new npcs
  • odd greens and non native vegetation
  • pine trees - no
  • navmesh edits
  • alter existing buildings
  • clogged up the place

I liked the general outlook from the mod Paradise City and this was partially inspired by it when doing the base replacement for the dead trees

Very minor impact on an average-low rig - gtx960 - because it removes as much as it adds.

Vanilla tree model reachtreecliif02, treeflorajuniper01,  reachtree02 - can be replaced with mods

The file is an esl .esp

Compatibility - Check the sticky post for updated list
  • Paradise City - patch available
  • Jk Skyrim - patch available
  • Mira - patych available
  • Dawn of Skyrim - compatible
  • Sky City - patch available
  • Vlindrell mods and stoop - compatible
  • Open cities - needs a sseedit patch
  • Justice - probably compatible
  • Markarth Mossy AF - patch available
  • Markarth interiors, exteriors, fixes, mesh fixes, retextures and ai packages are compatible
  • load order - load this mod below other Markarth mods

This mod uses your tree meshes and any other retextures installed:  dwemer and markarth retex, window textures, banners, reachclifftrees, reach trees, ivy, moss and yellow reach bush.

Dwemer Pipework Reworked
Mrf Markarth
Markarth Mossy AF
Markarth Fixed AF
Markarth City of Stone
Clouds over Markarth

Ga Knomboe Boy for Gkb green trees
lazyskeever for Windows Resource Pack
dizietemblesssma for Player and npc undressing - example scripts for modders
Scripts edited from M3rvin´s Automatic Light script switch which were taken from the page Light Switch by Cipscis

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