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Snowy trees in Windhelm and two massive Talos statues on each side of the bridge entrance.

Permissions and credits
  • French
  • This mod adds snowy pine trees to Windhelm only.
  • It also adds two giant Talos statues next to the bridge entrance. (optional)
  • No added plants, shrubs, buildings, clutter. Docks are left untouched. Just enough to have balance, performance, aesthetics.

Inspired by the oldrim mod Enhanced Mighty Talos mod, I decided to make it from scratch, because it has no permissions and its a very old mod and the mod author is not online anymore. It would be a shame to leave its idea in the depths of the modding pit.

Does not need lod.

NSFW version here 

Differences from the original:
  • added rock supports and the statues, the amount of rocks is different, the positions and the scales are different. The river is not blocked anymore by this composition and also the bridge arches can now be viewed.
  • Custom Talos statue mesh: uses the high poly nord hero version from Leanwolf´s mod.

Options: trees and statues; just trees; just statues
Uses any installed tree mod.
Recommended with a little tree mod because it fits the trunks and proportions given.

Mods I use for Windhelm:
Northfire´s Windhelm
a little tree mod 
Glorious doors
Jk´s Candlehearth and Windhelm, Fake windows Fix are compatible by default
Anna´s Hjerim
Windhelm Bridge Archways and Doors

I made this for personal use because I don´t use anything else for Windhelm. However there are patches for:
  • Vanilla, 
  • JK´s Skyrim
  • Capital Windhelm (was made for this)
Does not interfere with navmeshes.

Conflicts with Windhelm bridge tweaks. Other bridge overhauls should be fine.

darthvarder11 for the fantastic Enhanced Mighty Talos 
Leanwolf for letting me use the mesh from Better Shaped Talos Statues

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