Skyrim Special Edition

About this mod

Adds a new playable race: Dawi (Dwarf). Includes optional Dwarf voice.
Modified skeleton to be more true to size than other dwarf mods.
Also adds Ironbreaker and Engineer's Guild Armor!
New Weapons! New Shields! New Meshes! New Dwarf Coins!

Permissions and credits
What began as a small race mod has evolved into a massive collaboration from many different authors,
thank you all for the constant support!

> This mod is now part of my Warhammer Fantasy Mod Collection! <
Please endorse! I appreciate you!

See New Change-Log for latest updates and additions!
See Credits for all Mod Authors!

Male & Female Skeleton Support

Two Dwarf Racial Passives: Fortify Smithing & Magic Resistance

Unique Dwarf Racial Power: Call Ancestral Spirit

Unique Ironbreaker Armor Set (Dwarves only!)

Unique Pickaxes as Weapons! New 2Handed Pickaxe! (pictures included)
Unique Engineer's Guild Armor Set! (video included)

Unique Axes and Shields! (pictures included)

Unique Dwarven Weapon Meshes and Textures! (pictures included)
(Load before Caleb's glowmap mod if you want his glowmaps)

Unique Dwarf Coins added to Loot Lists! (pictures included)

Unique Blow Warhorn Power! Buff your allies!

A whole new perspective! (Literally)

Imperious compatible!

Includes 3 Presets for RaceMenu users!

See Credits for Authors!

Try alongside the Dwarven Airship Mod Airship - Dev Aveza for the authentic Gotrek & Felix experience
Check out Rknung-Zel Dwarf Player Home for a MASSIVE Dwarven Estate!

  • Optional dwarf voice for the Player Character. More packs to come. Requires the PC Voice Type SSE mod for the voice to function. Alternatively, use the "Drunk" voice preset. Use the in-game audio settings to set the Player-Voice volume to your liking. Use the mod's MCM menu to specify "% chance to play audio" for each audio category.

Use with Improved Camera Beta to see your magnificent beard in first person ;)

This upload is granted with permission from Fatshark employee David, as well as the sound company they employed.