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Paintings for several locations

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This is it. An effort to replace a lot of wall baskets, pelts, rugs, animal heads, mudcrabs and slaughterfishes and friends. And mostly, to give life to the numerous empty walls all around Skyrim.

Mod versions - pick one
  • Vanilla
  • JK´s mods (requires many of them - check the list below) - if its not covered by Jk´s mods its identical to the vanilla version.
  • Distinct Interiors
  • The Distinct JK´s patches

  • Great cities patches
  • The distinct great cities patches
  • Palaces and Castles Enhanced

List of locations (24) with the new (43) paintings

  • Belethor´s General Goods (Jk)
  • Warmaiden´s (Jk)
  • Arcadia´s Cauldron (Jk)
  •  Drunken Huntsman (Jk)

  • Radiant Raiment (Jk)
  • The Fletcher
  • Angeline´s Aromatics (Jk)
  • Bits and Pieces (Jk)
  • Castle Dour
  • Hall of the Dead

  • Sadri´s used wares (Jk)
  • White Phial (Jk)
  • New Gnisis Cornerclub (Jk)

  • Elgrim´s Elixir (Jk)
  • Pawned Prawn
  • Honorhall Orphanage
  • Black-Briar Meadery
  • Haelga´s Bunkhouse (Jk)

  • Silver Blood-Inn
  • Hag´s Cure (Jk)

  • Nightgate Inn
  • Vilemyr Inn
  • Old Hroldan Inn
  • Riverwood Trader (Jk)

Winterhold, Dawnstar, Falkreath and Morthal are already covered in another paintings mod. Either version can be found here Paintings for Cities of the North  or here Paintings for Cities 

The file does not take a slot in the load order. Load before interior lighting mods like Lux and location related patches.

Load order:
Location mods
This mod
Patches - alternate start - other mods - interior lighting mods

(I recommend that the JKs patches for the mod bears of the north - which adds bear heads - to be loaded before this mod)

No issues can be expected for current mod versions. The mod is very much compatible with everything. Other mods, decorative mods, can only cause clippings. I don´t use any besides this.

All of the paintings names and artists are in the names of the textures. To view them extract the textures-bsa file with a bsa extraction tool.

The images-paintings are public domain, you can find them easily with google´s image search. Avoided images under creative commons licence. Some sites I used with the open sources are wikidata and Most if not all are from the wiki commons, and with no tags or licenses associated.

To Hq Real Paintings by morganmarz and jet4571 and betterbecause for the frames.
To Hq Frames and Canvas by betterbecause and jet4571, again without them this would not have been possible.
To gutmaw for Snazzy Furniture and Clutter Overhaul for the extra frames.

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