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Port of the Silver Archmage Necklace From Oldrim to SSE by Gerolling.

Permissions and credits
This is a port of the Silver Archmage Necklace from original Skyrim to SSE by Gerolling.  All credits go to him for the idea and implementation of the original mod.  Many thanks for allowing open permission to port it over to SSE.  The original mod can be found here:

Archmage Necklace 

The .esp has been run through the Creation Kit and has been saved in form 44.  It has also been cleaned with SSEedit to remove all ITM's.  If you have any issues with the file,  please let me know.  I also have a non optimized version if the converted one has any issues.  Please keep in mind that load orders and other mods may affect this but highly unlikely. 

Here is the description by Gerolling from the Oldrim page:

A necklace with the same stats as the Archmage's Robe.

"All spells cost 15% less to cast, +50 magicka, and magicka regenerates 100% faster"

Now you can have the Archmage's Robe effect and wear something else.

I didn't like the original Archmage's Robe, so I made this necklace. 
You can find it in the Archmage's Quarters in a strongbox in the College of Winterhold (free access after you finish the Questline). 
I know it can count as a cheat, when you wear both the Archmage's Robe and the Archmage's Necklace, but that is something everbody has to decide for him/herself.

I recommend this for every player who likes to play as a paladin or battle mage.

This mod is usually intended for Battlemages and other classes that don't want to be burdened by having to wear the Archmage's Robes and get the same effect as them.  However this can be used by any class that the player feels that fits their playstyle.  If you would like to get the Necklace the easy way,  you can open the console with the ~ key and type in:  help "archmage necklace" 4 and get the ID of the necklace. That way you can add it to your inventory with the player.additem command.

NMM:  Install as normal
Manual:  Just extract the .rar file and drop it into the Skyrim SE Data folder and activate the .esp through your Mod Manager.

NMM: Uninstall as normal
Manual:  Just delete the .esp as normal from the Data folder of your Skyrim SE installation.

Gerolling:  For the original mod
Bethesda:  For Skyrim SE
bchick3:  For some sound advice and making a great guide so I could learn how to port Oldrim mods to Skyrim SE
The Nexus Community:  For a great bunch of people that have made the modding community to be what it is today. 

4-11-2018: 1.0 Initial release for Skyrim SE

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This mod is not to be uploaded to another website or sold under any circumstances.  It is a Nexus exclusive and its going to stay that way.  I am not the original Author,  Gerolling is.  If you want to show appreciation,  please consider endorsing the original mod.  If you like this mod,  please endorse it.  

Extra thoughts:
This is my first "mod" so to speak even though it's a port.  I will try and look over the post section every day as to see if anyone has an issue.  Please keep in mind that I do work full time but I will always try and find time to answer questions and help out whenever I can.  Good luck to everyone and I hope you enjoy this.