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Adds a little scavenger hunt to restore the legendary Infinity Gauntlet, an artifact which have the power to destroy universes with a snap of the fingers.
Inspired by Marvel's Infinity War and Endgame.

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This is the official SSE port of my "The Infinity Gauntlet" mod. It now contains some HUGE improvements over the original mod, such as improved models, bug fix, reworked stone location, additional spells and abilities, alternative textures, better scripting, etc... I'll allow the other version to stay on the SSE Nexus since I had given my permission for the mod to be uploaded. 

At the dawn of the Universe, 6 Stones were created along with the Universe.
These 6 Stones were used, lost, misplaced, hidden and exploited by multiple ill-intended individuals throughout History.
At the dawn of a new crisis, the stones have awaken again, and are waiting to be found so that the balance can be restored.

Inspired by Avengers : Infinity War and Avengers : Endgame, this mod adds a tiny adventure to find the 6 Infinity Stones gathered all throughout Skyrim and beyond to eventually restore the Infinity Gauntlet, an artifact of great power capable of accomplishing anything the user thinks.

Disclaimer :
This mod can be considered a work in progress... You can consider this a fully fledged beta... If anyone with more modding skills than me is willing to help me out or even restart the mod from scratch using these assets, they have my blessing. The only thing that I demand is crediting the original authors. Thank you for your comprehension.
As of V7, I am very exited to announce that this mod
is more or less how I had envisioned it to be, and is mostly bug free. It’s no longer a public Beta / Alpha, etc. It’s the real deal. We’re in the Endgame now... 

To begin the scavenger hunt, go to the College Of Winterhold's Arcaneum. There awaits a journal detailing the history of every Stone, and their last known location.

The gems and their powers are as follows :

The Power Stone : Retrieved a long time ago by the Dragon Priests, its power was so dangerous it was casted in a dimensional rift by an Elder Scrolls. It may be lost forever unless someone can travel to a time when it was stored by the Dragon Priests...

Being the embodiment of Power in the universe, taking the Orb hosting the Stone should not be taken lightly, as its power could kill weak individuals. However, when claimed, the Power Stone will grants its user a large supply of might, enhancing their unarmed strikes by 25pts, their carry weight by 50pts, their magicka by 100pts and will render the user's spell 1.35x more powerful, at the cost of 50pts of health, plus the initial damage taken when it is hold the very first time (125pts of damage when first picked up).

The Power Stone can be used to forge a very powerful hammer with magical properties ( 30 pts of Chaos Damage ) or a Staff inflicting enormous damages.
When it is finally mounted on the Gauntlet, the Stone still grants its boon, but without the 50 HP drawbacks, and grants 3 Unique spells :
Power Stone - Sream : which is basically a scaled-up Lighting Storm spell.
Power Stone - Fireball : which is similar to Alduin's fireball shout, only much more powerful.
Power Stone -  Shatter Star calls upon several meteors to strike your target.

The Reality Stone : Kagrenac and Mzark used this gem's power to fashion the tools used to harness the power of the Heart Of Lorkan. Investigating a place linked to one of them could lead you to the Aether containing the Stone.

While in your inventory, the Aether will duplicate the potions you craft (+2 potions crafted), allow you to apply one more enchantment and will boost the soul gems' effectiveness ( better charges on enchanted items and more efficient weapon recharging ), at the cost of 75 points of health. 
It may be mounted on a staff to be used much like Wabbajack, with an almost limitless charge.
When mounted on the gauntlet, it gives the player the Stone's boon but without the 75 HP malus, and grants several spells :
Reality Stone - Warp : Which is a portable version of Wabbajack's effect.
Reality Stone - Disarm : Which is a much more powerful version of the Disarm Shout, without the cooldown.
Reality Stone - Fire Rain : the Reality Stone turns the Sky into a volcano and unleash a fury of fireball to nearby foes.
Reality Stone - Vanish : The Reality Stone will cloak the caster with an invisibility spell, make him ethereal and boost their sneak skill by 100 points until they interact with the real world again.
Also, while in your inventory or on the gauntlet, the Reality Stone allows you to use most Crafting Station as a simple menu. ANYWHERE !

The Mind Stone : When he was known as "Loki", Miraak used this Stone mounted on a staff to carve out words of power capable of controlling the spirit of any beast. You may find his old staff stashed in his old temple.

Inside a very familiar Scepter, the Mind Stone is used to manipulate other people's spirits. Works similar to the "Bend Will" shout from Dragonborn. Merely having it equipped allows the Scepter to boost your speechcraft tremendously, prices will be halfed and intimidation / persuasions attempts are 3x more likely to succeed.
You may also choose to wield the Scepter as a makeshift sword, loosing the capabilities of the Mind Stone in exchange of a powerful blade. ( A spell allows you to switch the Staff to a Sword and vice-versa ).   
When mounted on the gauntlet, it grants, along with the Stone's boon :
Mind Stone - Control : Which is the staff's spell.
Mind Stone - Telekinesis : Which is used to lift and throw actors off the ground.
Mind Stone - Mayhem : Which is used to confuse nearby actors, causing them to attack each other for a long period of time.

The Soul Stone : Long ago, a necromancer known for his red head sacrificed everything to use this stone's power. After his demise, they were both send to the Soul Cairn. He is now known as "The Reaper", and will give the Ring to anyone how can summon him and survive. 

Mounted on a ring, it grants 50% resistance to Ice, Fire and Shock ; 100 points and 50% regen to Magicka, Health and Stamina ; along with 100 armor points.
When mounted on the Gauntlet, it grants the same effect and gives the player three spells :
Soul Stone - Detect : Which works like a long range Detect Life AND Undead spell.
Soul Stone - Reanimate Thralls : Allows the caster to reanimate all the dead entities around them for a short period of time.
Soul Stone - Soul Tear : Which works like the shout, but without the drawbacks.

The Space Stone : Used by the Snow Prince of the Falmer to conjure up his troops, the Tesseract was eventually taken to the Forgotten Vale when it was studied to create the portals used in the valley. A certain Paragon sharing the Tesseract's Color would take you to the Cosmic Cube if it is brought to the Paragon Platform. Be careful though... Maybe the Space Stone can still conjure the troops of the dead Snow Prince...

It too can be mounted on a staff to summon a small team of 6 falmers minion to fight for you. But that's not all ! While in your inventory (and not on a Staff), it allows you to teleport to any big cities of Skyrim ( and Raven Rock ! ), along with a teleport to aiming point spell. The Tesseract also allows you to conjure up to 20 minions.
On the gauntlet, it still raise the summon cap and you keep the ability to teleport on sight and at any Major City. 

The Time Stone : Worn like a pendant by some kind of Sorcerer Supreme of the Psijic Order. Since he’s a being out of time, your chances of finding him are slim... However, the Psijiic Order doesn’t like that outsiders investigate the Stones...

The Eye of Agamoto hosting the Time Stone can be used to slow down time, much like the "Slow Time" shout, with the added bonus of freezing nearby actors in place. When worn, the Eye Of Agamoto will also grant insightful knowledge, allowing the user to gain 3 additional skill points when reading skill books, and allowing the user to learn all skills 2x more quickly ! It also lightly boosts the stamina regeneration rate.
When mounted on the gauntlet, it gives a 95% slow time spell and another Area on Effect spell to freeze actors in place, along with the Insightful Knowledge boost and finally, the Time Stone - Revert spell, which will revert Actors to the state they were when you first met them, even allowing you to bring the dead back to Life !
The Eye and the Gauntlet also have a "Time loop" spell. Cast it, and for 60 seconds, every time you are killed, you'll be healed and teleported back to where you casted the spell !

The completed gauntlet, along with granting you all the aforementioned goodies, will also grant you a spell called "Snap your fingers". After a long casting time, the power of all 6 Infinity Stones will disintegrate anything near you, no half-mesures taken this time, but with an insanely long winding up time. Use this carefully, piles of dust can't be brought back to life by the Time Stone.

Being worn on the left hand, all the Infinity Spells are only castable with the hand wearing the gauntlet. Also worth noting is that you are harnessing the most powerful artefact in the universe with your weak hand. You’ll have to concentrate a few seconds to cast some of the spells... and that’s not taking into account the Magicka Cost... Thankfully, the Power Stone and the Soul Stone grants you 200 points of supplementary magicka. On the gauntlet, this can ease ( but not erase ! ) the cost of some spells.

Not a fan of heavy armor ? Going to any forge will allow you to swap your gauntlet type to Light, to clothing and back to heavy ! If you're not a fan of the gauntlet either, you can now directly wear all the Infinity Stones on your hands ! As if they were rings !! ( Don't call yourself "The Mandarin" just yet though... Trevor might take it the wrong way ). This allows you to use the power of the Infinity Stones without having to give up on your favorite pair of gloves. You'll have to ditch the ring you were currently wearing though.

In the optional files, you'll find a whole bunch of alternative textures for your gauntlet. Tell me which one is your favorite ^^ !


Can you add X spell to one of the stones ? / Will you add more content ?
- Maybe. If it's reasonable enough, I can try to add a spell of two, or even a new effect.

Can you upload this mod to Bethesda.Net for XboxOne users ?
- This mod is now available on Xbox One through Bethesda.Net

There is a invisible area above my right hand when I equip the gauntlet !
- Should be fixed as of version 5.

Something is written in french !
- Sorry :/ I looked up in the Creation Kit if anything was still in french, but I may have left a few things out :/ . Shouldn't be a problem for the SSE version since I now switched to a completely english version of Skyrim. If there's any typo or english errors in the mod, please let me know though? 

After an update, I don't get the new powers !
- It's normal. It's because Skyrim's Scripting System sucks. Put the gauntlet and/or any Infinity Stone in a chest. Save. Exit the game. Use Save Tool to clean my mod scripts of your save file (More specifically the "INFINITYGauntletSpells" script). Load your game, pickup the Gauntlet and equip it. It's probably fixed now. Otherwise, just unequip the gauntlet, save, uninstall the mod, load your game and save, re-install the mod and it should be fixed... But you'll either have to pick all the stones again or to console command your Infinity Gauntlet.

Characters added by the mod have gray faces !
- They shouldn't ! Re-installing the mod should fix this.

The armors added by the mod look exactly like vanilla armor sets !
-Two armor sets added by the mod are male only. Trying to wear it while being a female will cause it to look just like vanilla sets. The Only exception being, Thanos' Armor, the Eye Of Agamoto, the Gauntlets and the Rings, all of which are unisex.

Your mod sucks !
- It does, but I try my best to offer a bit of fan service to Marvel fans... DC Fans will have something too, don't worry. Also, you're free to try to make better. For real ! Take the assets I've created and make your own thing. I'll allow it.

Do you have the permission to use X or Y ?
- I probably do, check the credits tab or the bottom of this page if you think I " borrowed " something I shouldn't have. If you think something is off, you can always PM me or comment. I'll either remove or change what shouldn't have been there in the first place.

When I use the Space Stone's power, I only summon one falmer !
-Due to limitation of my modding skills, the Space Stone's power is still limited by Skyrim summon cap of 2 creatures. Installing a mod to remove the cap like Unlimited Summons fixes the problem.... Sorry. No longer a problem as of V5

What are the improvements unique to the SSE version ?
-A lot of things. Mainly improved models, textures and scripting.

I use open cities and the Teleport spells conflict with it.
-No longer a problem as of V8

I die when I pick up the Reality / Power Stone
-The Power Stone zaps you when you try to pick it up, inflicting 150 points of damage. If your health is somehow under 75 HP, the Reality Stone's malus will kill you. You'll either have to grow stronger or have one of your minion picking it up for you... If you can bring them to the location of these Stones, of course.

CREDITS : Permissions were asked or otherwise the assets were stated safe to use

Saerileth and Gamwich for their textures.
T3alrose for the Loki Mod
Nikinoodles for the Cloaks of Skyrim mod
LordBaraban and LordOfWar for the Witcher gauntlet
SoverusBaine for his Dragon's Dogma spell pack
bingles for his Bingles Buff Armors
cunny1975 for his 2K Ring Of Khajit mod
Medtech for the textures used in the Alternative Gauntlet Textures file

Thank you for downloading and playing this mod ^^ ! I love you all 3000. Especially a Reddit user who'll recognize himself, who motivated me to not give up on this project.

Stone Location : 

up yo butt, lol *dabs*
More seriously, if you're someone reviewing my mod or an especially lazy person... or both, here's the location of each stone :
Journal : VERY IMPORTANT. You HAVE to read it in order to properly kickstart the mod. It's located on a table in the College Of Winterhold Arcaneum.
Space : Inside the Temple of Auriel in the Forgotten Vale, you must use the Sapphire Paragon on the Paragon Platform to access the Area. Falmers will spawn to defend the Stone after picking it up.
Time : After picking up 3 Infinity Stones, Doctor Strange will spawn at your location.
Soul : Inside the Reaper's Lair in the Soul Cairn.
Mind : Stuck on the Tree Stone at Miraak's Temple in Solstheim. The Mind Stone will drive everyone crazy in your vicinity when picking it up.
Power : Inside Bromjunaar Sanctuary, accessed through the Wooden Mask. The Stone will shock you when picking it up, inflicting 150pts of damage.
Reality : On a table in Mzark's Tower.
Base Gauntlet : After picking up all the other Stones, Thanos himself will spawn, wearing the gauntlet. You'll have to loot it off his corpse.