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New HD LODs for the buildings and the landscape of Skyrim, Dawnguard and Dragonborn
Available in 256/512 - 512/1k and 1k/2k
Work best with NobleSkyrimMod HD-2K.
Formerly HD-LOD Buildings.

Permissions and credits
Update V7.0:
- Merge with the mountain Lods created by T4gtr34um3r available here : Majestic Mountains .
This will greatly improve the distant rock and mountain and provide much better snowy mountains.
- Updated vanilla version to the latest one (with new glaciers lods and other improvements since the V5)
- V7.1 update : better looking dwemer lod
- V7.2 update : better looking solitude blue palace walls.

About the new mountain Lods:
The new mountain Lods are much more detailed and nice looking,
They are available in up to 1k version instead of the previous 512 (2k version available from the Majestic Mountain mod page).
T4gtr34um3r did a -really- great job on their normalmap, this is important to create awesome snowy distant moutain (as the snow shader use normalmap for Lods).
All the credits goes to T4gtr34um3r (kudos to him!) for creating theses and allowing me to merge them with this mod for an easier and compatible installation.

I strongly invite you to take a look on his excellent work on Majestic Mountains and on Terrain LOD redone .

This mod is a complete re-texture of Skyrim, Dawnguard and Dragonborn LODs.
Vanilla use 256 or 128 Texture for the Lods in an 2k uncompressed Lods texture Map for the far Lods (uncompressed is a non sens, it use 4 times more Vram for 0 visual benfit).
My mod offers you (main option) 1k textures for the near Lods and a 512 textures for the far Lods (you usually don't really see them).You can choose other resolution if you want.

Additional Lods Billboards are available for forgotten Flora, plants and Trees (under Miscellaneous).
With this new mod, you can have more detailed Lods with more flora (plants, shrubs, tree ...) visible.
The fps impact should be limited as it's only billboards.
The resolution of them is usually 256 for flora and flower, 512 for shrubs and 1k for trees.
It requires SSELODGen to be used

Please take a look at Terrain LOD redone by T4GTR43UM3R, It provide greatly improved terrain (and Mountain normalmap) Lods.
Do not download "Tamriel Objects Normal Map" from "Terrain LOD redone" as this mod already have the new normal Map from T4gtr34um3r.
You should however download everyhing related to "terrain" ("Terrain Diffuse" and "Terrain NormalMap").
Theses options are 100% compatible with this mod and are strongly recommanded.

Installation Vanilla version:
  • Drag and drop in your SSE folder
  • Done

Installation SSELODGen version:
  • Drag and drop in your SSE folder
  • run SSELODGen or DynDOLOD (recommanded settings available in the sticky post)
  • Done
  • Note : SSELODGen or DynDOLOD are required to use the additional flora and trees Billboards.

Requirements and Recommandations :

  • NobleSkyrimMod HD-2K by Shutt3r, the only strong Requirement, the distant buildings (and transition betwen [not lod] / [lod] ) will look strange if you don't use it. My mod was designed to be used with NSM since the begening.
My mod was built using assets from theses three other (great) mods:
  • Majestic Mountains by T4gtr34um3r. Recommanded but not required. the mountains Lods will probably blend nicely with any mountain texture you may have (except the pink one). From distance it would be nearly impossible to say it, you will just see High quality mountain lods. Eventually, user of Majestic Mountains will be more familiar with the distant mountain...
  • RUSTIC WINDOWS - 2K and 1K Textures by Gamwich. Recommanded but not required. Rustic Windows keep the vanilla looks of the windows, from distance it will not be really noticiable. I will suppose most of you already have it anyway...
  • Arri's Snow Elf Ruins Retexture by arrioch. Recommanded but not required. A very good re-texture of Elf Ruins. The ruins keep (more or less) the same look as in vanilla Skyrim, from distance differences not be really visible.

Covered Area (In short, Everything):
  • All the Cities of Skyrim : Solitude, Riften, Whiterun, Windhelm, Winterhold College, Markarth and high hrothgar.
  • Dwemer ruins
  • All the Lone Buildings and Town.
  • Dawnguard Content : Dawnguard Castle, Castle Volkihar, Falmer Valley (Snow Elf Ruins) and Soul Cairn stuff
  • Dragonborn Content : Telvani Tower, Ravenrock, Apocrypha, thirsk mead hall
  • Landscape : Glacier (Skyrim+DLC1), Muchroom (DLC2), Terrain (Skyrim+DLC1), few other things like Bridge, standing stones or cave Lods.
  • Mountain and Rock (by T4gtr34um3r)
  • Waterfall (still static, and the vanilla UV mapping is just bad)


  • Q : Is it compatible with <a mod>"
  • A : As long as this mod does not modify the "object" lods, yes probably. If you are in doubt, don't hesitate to ask !

  • Q : I installed your mod ten years ago and now my microwave is broken, fix it plz
  • A : try to unplug and replug it

  • Q : I carefully installed your mod and noticed a strange Lod at [insert location]. I took a picture of it. Removing your mod solved the problem.
  • A : Sorry for that, please post it in the comment section so I can check it and we can try to fix it

* I deleted the file which are not used by vanilla (smaller size), I will put them again when DynDOLOD will be out.