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New HD LODs for the buildings and the landscape of Skyrim, Dawnguard and Dragonborn.
Available in 1K / 512. DynDOLOD Ready!
Work best with NobleSkyrimMod HD-2K.
Formerly HD-LOD Buildings.

Permissions and credits
This mod is a complete re-texture of Skyrim, Dawnguard and Dragonborn LODs.
Vanilla use 256 or 128 Texture for the Lods (with very unoptimized texture atlas). My mod offers you 1K Lods Texture for all the SSE worlds (Tamriel, Solstheim and all the small worlds like Blackreach).
Note that 1K texture for Lods is way less detailed and performance consuming than a regular 1K texture. For example a single regular texture will be for a single object like a door. For the Lods a single texture will be for several full buildings.
While this mod is working perfectly "as is" I can only recommand you to use DynDOLOD by Sheson.

New in V9 : Full Model for some child cities (Solitude & Whiterun only) buildings.
When you are outside a city (and the city is INSIDE loaded cells) vanilla skyrim will use LOD models & textures for its buildings (you see them less due to the walls).
Except Riften, Vanilla Riften buildings use full model Meshes (when you're near but not inside Riften). Why only Riften ? I don't know...
This mod now enable full model for all the buildings in Whiterun & Solitude. Because they are technically NOT LOD!

Many of the buildings textures are also improved and should be really faithful to what you can see with NobleSkyrimMod when you are near them.

Installation :
  • There is two version of the mod, choose the one according if you plan to use DynDOLOD or not.
  • Install the standard version as a regular plugin. You can run SSELODGen after installation but it will work "out of the box".
  • If you use DynDOLOD, This mod should overwrite DynDOLOD resources files BUT Texgen output textures should overwrite this mod.
  • It's usually a safe bet to let other mods or texture pack to overwrite my mod.

Recommanded Mods / Designed to be used with :
  • NobleSkyrimMod HD-2K by Shutt3r, the only strong Requirement, the distant buildings (and transition betwen [not lod] / [lod] ) will look strange if you don't use it. My mod was designed to be used with NSM since the beginning.
  • Majestic Mountains and Terrain Lod redone by T4gtr34um3r. Recommanded but not required. the mountains Lods will probably blend nicely with your mountain texture anyway. Both mods are  100% compatible just install HD LODs after Terrain Lod redone and you're good.
  • RUSTIC WINDOWS - 2K and 1K Textures by Gamwich. Recommanded but not required. Rustic Windows keep the vanilla looks of the windows, from distance it will not be really noticiable. I will suppose most of you already have it anyway...
  • Arri's Snow Elf Ruins Retexture by arrioch. Recommanded but not required. A very good re-texture of Elf Ruins. The ruins keep the same look as in vanilla Skyrim, from distance differences not be really visible.
  • DynDOLOD by Sheson, fix many of the vanilla Lod errors while providing heavily detailed Lods, my mod provide textures for the new models introduced by DynDOLOD (can't recommand it enough, it's realy not difficult to use).

Covered Area (In short, Everything):
  • All the Cities of Skyrim : Solitude, Riften, Whiterun, Windhelm, Winterhold College, Markarth and high hrothgar.
  • Dwemer ruins
  • All the Lone Buildings and Town.
  • Dawnguard Content : Dawnguard Castle, Castle Volkihar, Falmer Valley (Snow Elf Ruins) and Soul Cairn stuff
  • Dragonborn Content : Telvani Tower, Ravenrock, Apocrypha, thirsk mead hall
  • Landscape : Glacier (Skyrim+DLC1), Muchroom (DLC2), Terrain (Skyrim+DLC1), few other things like Bridge, standing stones or cave Lods.
  • Mountain and Rock (by T4gtr34um3r)
  • Waterfall (still static, and the vanilla UV mapping is just bad)
  • Some forgotten trees, flora and plants as billboards (only if you use SSELODGen or DynDOLOD).


My Others Mods:

The PC version of this mod is Nexus Exclusive, if you find it anywhere else it is stolen, The XBOX version is available here.