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Bringing two wonderful mods together, the airship from Moonpath to Elswyer and the interaction from the Fully Flyable Dwemer Skyship to create this amazing vessel. -Currently located near Solitude Behind the Blue Palace. Now in SSE !!

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Dev Aveza
A Custom Flying Airship

"Bored of Skyrim lately? This mod is awesome. It will totally help rejuvenate the experience. The Dragonborn now travels by air." - Halithorn

Also available for Skyrim Legendary Edition, however it is an outdated version which is no longer being developed.

This Airship was originally made by Muppetpuppet as seen in his mod Moonpath to Elsweyr. I felt the ship model was gorgeous, and that it should have more use in my Skyrim game. Using the scripts from NoxyGame's Dwemer Skyship Fully Flyable and some creative interpretation of custom complex collisions, I bring you the Dev Aveza. The ship is initially parked on the cliffs of Solitude behind the Blue Palace. While it has far out-stretched this original statement, these two creations remain the core of the ship and will forever be the heart of the concept no matter where development goes from here.

Latest News

In an attempt to encourage people to read what they should by not overwhelming them with text-wall, Tamha has redesigned the mod page. All information formerly found here can now be accessed via the index links below. All links lead to the Dev Aveza's documentation pages. I am aware the pages need updating and we will be getting to it in the nearish future.

Version 1.8.85 introduced a new autosorting container: a Daedric Artifact display case! Concept and meshes are courtesy of Tueffel's General Displays.

Note: Where this and most mods are concerned there is no difference between AE and SE 

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German Translation LE  Note: File exceedingly outdated.
German Localization Files LE for Skyrim Strings Localizer - Dev Aveza LE included in this tool as of 7/1/2014
Japanese Support

If someone wishes to do a full translation please use the format outlined in permissions.

This mod requires SKSE64 with it's scripts installed, a Framerate consistent with suggested game parameters 30 - 60 typically to keep Papyrus latency down (otherwise the flight speed may suffer substantially.) The mod also uses a SkyUI-reliant MCM menu.

Please read all directions before asking for support! Many questions and bugs which have been reported in the comments are already listed! Pay special attention to the FAQ and Bug List. If you ask for support and have not read these pages or taken the suggested steps to get the mod working, you will be directed to read those pages!

Comments posted without thought to constructive criticism or useful context will be removed.

Please use the Bug Reporting steps to respect everyone's time in attempting to address any direct mod specific issues. (Compatibility issues are unlikely to be addressed due to the nature of the mod.)

DyndoLOD settings included in the BSA These settings are to keep DyndoLOD from interfering with flight operations as the movable static cannot be given Full LOD, The Armed variant selectable in the MCM may apply the LOD to it's stopped state this is not the case for the other two Options.

If you are looking for a more immersive or challenging manner for acquiring the ship, Legacy of the Dragonborn. may be the solution for you. (Please note any issues with Legacy of the Dragonborn should be addressed to their page and not here.) Legacy of the Dragonborn has their own version of the airship which does not have free flight without this mod. Many users over the last couple of years have mistakenly suggested the two are connected beyond compatibility, they are not and their individual issues should be directed to their respective pages. Legacy of the Dragonborn Patches (Official) Installer required for compatibility patch. 
The Beacon is crafted with Dwemer Smithing and can be placed in a locations reasonable for the ship to fly in. Drop the item to begin setup then 'Activate' the beacon and use the 'Summon Ship' option. (this Option is disabled in Legacy of the Dragonborn in favor of their immersive functionality.) There Is an esl optional file to enable the beacon crafting with the Dwemer craft perk at a forge. The Dev Aveza plugin should load after the Legacy of the Dragonborn plugin. Legacy fast travel control will be on the left of the helm wheel and manual flight start on the right. Please use the documentation and mcm settings to review control keys before posting issues in regard to this. Like Douglas Adams wrote in Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, "DON'T PANIC" and please remember any changes to the game settings be it with a plugin, ENB or ini edit is a modification and should be accounted for when isolating conflicts. 

If for some reason your load order is not complying to the bsa required order, there is a small loose file miscellaneous file for the LotDB patch, it requires having the patch from their patcher installed, the files are just there to force the scripts to win conflicts. (this should be done via Loot rules and load order management.)

This mod is provided in an as-is condition the mod author holds no guarantee of functionality or promise of quality. This is a hobby project and while provided to the personal highest standard may not work as intended on every mod list or hardware configuration. Controller and VR not supported.