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A visual overhaul for Nocturnal to give her a unique appearance that makes her appear more godlike and Daedric, with an animated robe of shadows and a more imposing stature.

Permissions and credits
Umbral Embrace
A Nocturnal Visual Overhaul

A simple mod to give Nocturnal a unique appearance that is more godlike and Daedric than the vanilla appearance. Based on a combination of her appearance in Daggerfall, concept art for Skyrim, her appearance in Skyrim itself and last but not least, a healthy dose of my own interpretation.
The idea I was going for was that she is literally cloaked in shadows and darkness, achieved with a combination of an animated pattern on her robes and a vanilla effect that emits shadows from NPCs. The red hair is inspired by the Skyrim concept art and the blue and purple skin was just my own way of making her seem less mundane.
Umbral Embrace's Nocturnal is much bigger than vanilla NPCs, standing at 150% of the size of the vanilla Nocturnal - there is however an option to leave her size unchanged.
I also gave her Crow Daedra glowing eyes that match Nocturnal's new glowing eyes.
Please remember to endorse if you enjoy!

XP32 Maximum Skeleton Special Extended - XPMSSE by Groovtama
High Poly Head by KouLeifoh - WARNING - Non-Nexus Link! - Not needed for the vanilla head version.

Daedric Enigma -Daedric Princes Voice Rework- SSE by Satafinix - Gives Nocturnal (and the other Princes) a voice befitting a Daedric Prince that perfectly compliments this mod.

Should be compatible with anything except anything that changes Nocturnal in some way, which should be very few mods.
I haven't touched the record for her vanilla clothes or overwritten any meshes or textures, so any mods where another NPC wears Nocturnal's clothes (i.e. Realm of Lorkhan) should be totally unchanged.
If you put an ENB particle light too close to her robes, they will disappear. (There's nothing underneath to see, before you perverts get any ideas!)


Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Enhancer -CBBE- by ousnius and Caliente - This mod uses the mesh for Nocturnal's outfit. (You don't need CBBE for this mod to work, all body replacers are compatible.)
The Pure CBBE and UNP - 4K or 8K Female Skin Textures by regenbot03 - This mod uses these textures as a base.
A Delicate Face - Female Nord Racemenu Preset by Aeruni - This mod uses the human ears version of this preset.
Lamae's Gaze by Pandorable - This mod uses a modified version of these vampire eye textures.
KS Hairdos SSE by Kalilies - This mod uses, you guessed it, one of these hairstyles. (Water, to be specific.)
FK's Diverse Racial Skeletons by fairkauri, OnHolyServiceBound and Groovtama - This mod uses the Dunmer female skeleton.


The robe mesh, textures, crow meshes and hair are all fair game - just make sure you credit the relevant people from the above section depending on what you use.
If you just want to make a patch or a follower mod or something like that using this ESP as a master then feel free, just give the usual credit and link to this page.
The face mesh and eye textures would require permission from their respective creators if you want to use them in some other unrelated mod.

If you want to port it to Legendary Edition, VR, Xbox, etc. then you not only have my permission but also my explicit encouragement! I am simply too disorganised to support multiple instances of the same mod lol

I've not had a mod reach "Hot Mods" before, so I was incredibly happy to see this when I logged into the Nexus today.
Thank you all so much for your endorsements, downloads, support and feedback!