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Fixed wrong 'inventory image' for Woodsman Axes in v.1.3.0. Introducing Grosta the Lumberjack. This mod is a visual make-over for the vanilla Grosta of Heartwood Mill. She's now a follower and with a custom Lumberjack class and combat style with marriage potential. See the detailed description below for more.

Permissions and credits
♦ Skyrim SE
♦ Update
♦ Dawnguard
♦ HearthFires
♦ Dragonborn

Description: As stated in the brief overview, this mod is a visual make-over for the vanilla Grosta. Her default appearance felt out of place given her story and the optional side-quest she provides. Now she's a lot prettier than before, a lovely green-eyed redhead. Also made her son a matching red-head as well. She's a follower now with marriage potential. Has her own personal Lumberjack Class and Lumberjack Dual wielding Combat Style. She wields two ebony woodsman axes. Her right-hand primary weapon is a chaos weapon while her left-hand secondary is a silent moons lunar weapon.

Future plans: I want to make Gralnach adoptable on the condition of marrying Grosta, (that's not in place yet). While I consider this mod completed, it is subject to a small degree of tweaking or possible future alterations.

Her Vanilla Background: Grosta runs the Heartwood Mill on the shores of Lake Honrich, west of Goldenglow Estate, near Rifton. Her husband Leifnarr has disappeared leaving her to run it by herself. She lives there with her young son Gralnach who'll fight you if he has to, or so he says he will. Tip my hat to the Little man trying to protect the homestead and his mom.

Special Note: In the homestead, there is an unlocked wooden chest to the left of the first bed, that's "Grosta's Chest" with her gear in it. Two outfits, Sparrow Huntress and The Lady Alina both by Sunjeong. I personally use the Sparrow Huntress outfit as her Standard Gear while the Lady Alina outfit is intended for town apparel; if using a mod like Nether's Follower Framework, or Amazing Followers Tweaks.

♦ Grosta's Face made by Laerithryn using RaceMenu by Expired
♦ Kalilies Brows were used by Kalilies
♦ KS Hairdo by Kalilies
♦ CBBE by Ousnius and Caliente for a customized body
♦ Leyenda 4.0 Skin by HeroedeLeyenda
♦ Armor Outfit - Sparrow Huntress - by Sunjeong
♦ Armor Outfit - Lady Alina - by Sunjeong
♦ Really High-Heeled Vanilla Shoes and Boots by JoyTESNEXUSP
♦ - Boots re-shaded by Laerithryn
♦ Cubic Hairs Renewal for CBBE by Kofman77