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This mod toughens up vanilla Draugr and Skeletons and adds new varieties of undead enemies to the game.

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Exploration is an important part of Skyrim, and exploration will lead you to several Nordic tombs. This means that you will fight Draugr and Skeletons pretty frequently. Unfortunately, these encounters often end up being a little underwhelming, so I felt it was time to buff Draugr up, as well as add a bit of variety.

Nearly all of the Draugr and Skeletons in the game have received the upgrades detailed below, with a few exceptions. Consequently, you will find that most undead enemies are now tougher. New types of Draugr have also been added to leveled lists, with several ranks and types of equipment to keep things balanced.

Changes to vanilla Draugr and Skeletons:

- Draugr's armor now provides protection, instead of being just for show. The more heavily armored a Draugr looks, the more heavily armored it actually is. Furthermore, Draugr now have perks that increase their defences according to the levels of their Heavy Armor, Light Armor and Block skills.

- All Draugr and Skeletons were given perks that increase the damage they do with one-handed weapons, two-handed weapons, and bows. The higher their level in the relevant skill, the higher the damage.

- Spellcasting Draugr have received a cosmetic change and new varieties have been added. See the notes on Warlocks below.

- Some unique vanilla Draugr were given a new look and have had their abilities modified. These include Olaf One-Eye, Curalmil, Red Eagle, Sigdis Gauldurson, Mikrul Gauldurson, Jyrik Gauldurson, Halldir, Warlord Gathrik, Guardian Saerek and Guardian Torsten.

- From Level 60 onwards, Legendary Draugr will replace generic Draugr bosses. Legendary Draugr level with the player, wield enchanted weapons, and may have access to stronger spells, perks and shouts than normal Draugr bosses. In instances where the leveled lists could have spawned Dragon Priests, Legendary Dragon Priests were included.

- Skeletons now have leveled variants, as opposed to the vanilla game where they are all Level 1.

- Skeletons come in several armored variants. The type and number of armor pieces worn, and the Skeletons' skill levels in Light/Heavy Armor affect their armor rating.

New types of Draugr:

Sentinels - Sentinels were members of the Dragon Cult tasked with guarding temples and other sacred locations. These Draugr still carry out their duties, protecting the resting places of their Dragon Priest masters and the secrets they hide. They are more heavily armored than other Draugr, and are usually equipped with one-handed weapons and shields.

For more information about Sentinels, click the Spoiler button below:
Abilities: Sentinels have no special abilities, but they are tougher than most other Draugr due to their high armor rating.

Resistances: Immunity to Poison, 50% Resist Frost (unless you use a mod that alters Draugr resistances).

Sentinel Ranks: Sentry - Guardian - Defender - Protector - Sentinel
Sentinel Boss Ranks: Elite Guardian - Elite Defender - Elite Protector - Elite Sentinel - Temple Guard
Legendary Sentinels: Hersir - Flame Warden - Frost Warden - Shock Warden - Plague Warden

Berserkers/Berserker Bowmen - Fearless, savage warriors in life, these Draugr have weathered undeath better than most, and still possess considerable physical strength. They tend to favor light armor and heavy weapons, recklessly rushing into battle to crush their enemies with powerful blows.

For more information about Berserkers, click the Spoiler button below:
Abilities: Berserker melee attacks ignore 25% of their opponents' armor. For Berserker Bowmen this bonus applies to ranged attacks as well.

Resistances: Immunity to Poison, 50% Resist Frost (unless you use a mod that alters Draugr resistances).

Berserker Ranks: Raider - Reaver - Barbarian - Bloodletter - Berserker
Berserker Bowman Ranks: Archer - Bowman - Skirmisher - Marksman - Sniper
Berserker Boss Ranks: Chieftain - Marauder - Slavemaster - Warchief - Warlord/Sharpshooter
Legendary Berserkers: Skulltaker - Hellraiser - Winterblight - Stormbringer - Plaguebearer

Warlocks - Present day Nords may shun the practice of magic, but the Dragon Cultists were well-aware of the destructive potential of the arcane arts. Some of them dedicated their lives to harnessing the power of fire, frost and shock. Over the centuries, magical energy slowly built up inside the bodies of the slumbering Draugr, turning them into the elementally charged creatures that still guard Nordic tombs from looters.

For more information about Warlocks, click the Spoiler button below:
Abilities: Warlocks use spells and shouts affiliated with one specific element. They are also constantly surrounded by a cloak spell of that element, and at higher levels may summon Atronachs. When Warlock bosses are defeated they release a magical explosion which can harm their killer.

Resistances (Flame Warlocks): Immunity to Fire, Immunity to Poison, 50% Weakness to Frost.
Resistances (Frost Warlocks): Immunity to Frost, Immunity to Poison, 50% Weakness to Fire.
Resistances (Shock Warlocks): Immunity to Shock, Immunity to Poison.

Warlock Ranks: Warlocks retain the original names they had in the game.
Legendary Warlocks: Infernal - Blizzardborn - Stormcaller

Diseased Draugr - Ravaged by multiple diseases and afflictions, these Draugr tend to be weak, and consequently poorly equipped, compared to other Draugr. They are, however, quite infectious, and the smart adventurer would do well to keep a few potions of Cure Disease handy when venturing into a barrow. When fighting diseased Draugr, the best course of action is to dispatch them from a distance, though even then they may be able to hurt enemies by spitting poison blood at them.

For more information about Diseased Draugr, click the Spoiler button below:
Abilities: These Draugr may transmit various diseases to opponents with their unarmed and melee attacks. Diseased Draugr can also spit blood at enemies, poisoning them and temporarily impairing their vision. In the case of infected Legendary Draugr this attack takes the form of a Shout, and its effects may be paired with Unrelenting Force or Disarm. Infected Legendary Draugr release a poisonous gas cloud when killed.

Resistances: Immunity to Poison, 50% Resist Frost.

Diseased Draugr Ranks: Infected Draugr - Afflicted Draugr - Diseased Draugr - Contagious Draugr - Pestilent Draugr
Diseased Draugr Boss Ranks: Diseased Draugr are too weak to be bosses.

Priestesses - The male Priests were the undisputed leaders of the Dragon Cult, but their female counterparts also held considerable power. Due to their wisdom and magical prowess they were often sought for counsel and guidance, as well as for healing, protective charms, and the removal of curses. However, with the advent of the Dragon War, their role changed dramatically. Abandoning their duties as healers and protectors, they would join the hordes of the Dragon Cult in battle and cripple their enemies with ruinous spells, softening them up for the warriors to finish off. This corruption of their magic persists to this day, and the adventurer that runs into a Draugr Priestess could be in for a tricky, and quite possibly fatal, fight.

For more information about the Priestesses, click the Spoiler button below:
Abilities: All Priestesses can summon their Totem Animal to aid them in battle. Priestesses attack using the Arcane Bolt spell, which deals magical damage and weakens enemies' resistance to magic each time it hits. Priestesses also use Cripple, a shout that has an increasing number of effects depending on the caster's level. These effects include damaging stamina and magicka, lowering the target's armor rating, and lowering the target's maximum health. All Priestesses are under the effect of a protective charm, which has a 20% chance of healing them every time they are damaged by a physical attack.

Resistances: Immunity to Poison, 50% Resist Frost (unless you use a mod that alters Draugr resistances).

Priestess Ranks: Soothsayer - Seeress - Sage - Druidess
Priestess Boss Ranks: Augur - Diviner - Mystic - Shamaness - Priestess
Legendary Priestesses: High Priestess

Dragon's Talons - At the height of its power, the Dragon Cult could rely on hordes of fierce warriors to crush its enemies. But in those situations where subterfuge or discretion were required, the Dragon Priests would call on the Talons. These female agents were often entrusted with espionage, sabotage, or infiltration assignments. But the Talons' area of expertise was assassination, and their proficiency in the use of swords, bows and poisons meant that their targets were usually dead without even realizing they were in danger.

For more information about the Dragon's Talons, click the Spoiler button below:
Abilities: Talons usually open a fight with the Debilitate shout, which lowers an opponent's resistance to Poison (this shout is not known by lower ranking draugr). They will then try to attack from afar using bows and poisoned arrows. If engaged in melee combat they will switch to a sword with a Corrosive Damage enchantment, which lowers the target's armor rating. Talon bosses also have the Shroud ability, which gives them a 20% chance of turning partially invisible and gaining a weak magic shield whenever they are hit by a physical attack.

Resistances: Immunity to Poison, 50% Resist Frost (unless you use a mod that alters Draugr resistances).

Talon Ranks: Thug - Rogue - Stalker - Murderess - Enforcer
Talon Boss Ranks: Cutthroat - Huntress - Executioner - Assassin - Reaper
Legendary Talons: Shadowblade

Compatibility Patches and Optional Files:

My Patches:

"Rogues 'n Raiders" gives enemies a number of new skills and abilities. If you want Skeletons and Draugr to use features from RnR you can use the patch found in this mod's Files section. This patch is completely optional - you can use D.U.I. and RnR together without the patch. If you use the patch, the load order should be:
- Rogues 'n Raiders.esp
- Draugr Upgrades and Improvements.esp
- RnR-DUI Patch.esp

If you're using OpusGlass' "Cannibal Draugr on Solstheim" you can now have my new Draugr in cannibal variants as well. You will need to have the Cannibal Draugr main file (NOT the replacer version), the Draugr Upgrades and Improvements main file, and the Patch file installed. The load order should be:
- ogCannibalDraugr.esp
- Draugr Upgrades and Improvements.esp
- Cannibal Draugr Upgrades and Improvements Patch.esp

I have also added a compatibility patch for Draugnarok. The zombie apocalypse just got a lot harsher!

If you would like Draugr mages to retain their regular appearance you should download the "Subtle Mage FX" optional file. This will revert the models of Draugr mages to their normal skins. Sleeping Draugr mages will look just like vanilla Draugr, but when they wake up some visual FX will activate (specifically, the elemental glow and particle FX).

Other Patches:

PraedythXVI's "Skeleton Replacer HD" includes a file for D.U.I. in its patch collection. This is a very high quality mod which I personally recommend.

Kulharin added a patch for "Skyrim Revamped". You can find it here, together with instructions for proper installation.

Kulharin also added a patch for "JS Emissive Eyes", which you can download here.

MoogleRampage  has made a patch to ensure compatibility with "Mortal Enemies". You can find it here.

QuiteUnfortunate has created a patch for "MorrowLoot Ultimate". It can be downloded here.

PierreDespereauxopusGlass and jboyd4 have created "Ancient Nord Stalhrim", which replaces Draugr's Ebony weapons with their Stalhrim equivalents. The mod includes an optional patch for D.U.I. in its installation file.


This mod uses some assets created by other authors, whom I thank heartily for their work:

- "Steel Nord Plate Bikini Armor v2" by nisetanaka.
- "Wolf Bikini Armor" by nisetanaka.
- "KD Circlets Redone" by zzjay.
- "Ulag's Legacy" by GuitunScarfin.
- "Dragon Carved Armor Set" by hideto84.
- "Warcoat" by 6955.
- "AMidianBorn Steel Armor" by CaBaL120.
- "Guards Armor Replacer" by DanielUA and NordwarUA.
- "Unplayable Faction Armors" by JDJ3 and NordwarUA.
- "B-D-Y-E-B Shield Mod" by TheMalfazar.
- "Authentic Legion" by NordwarUA.
- "Weapons of the Third Era" by 747823.
- "Amsvartner Warhammer" by billyro.
- "Elven Blades" by vpulse08.
- "Zahkrii Do Dovahkiin" by ghosu.
- "Unique Uniques" by InsanitySorrow.
- "Cannibal Draugr on Solstheim" by opusGlass.