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This mod allows you to attend Vittoria's Vici wedding, after you destroy the Dark Brotherhood.

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  • Polish
  • Mandarin
  • German

I have been thinking of making a mod like this for quite a while, but a recent request on Reddit convinced me to work on this.

What this mod does

If you finished the quest Destroy the Dark Brotherhood AND you have visited Solitude at least once (have Roggvir's execution scene play out fully), it will take about 2 days for a courier to arrive with an invitation to the Vittoria's wedding. When you read the invitation, the quest will start.

Then you can go to Solitude, attend the wedding, talk to the guests and newly weds and listen to Vittoria's speech.

In addition, there was this weird man at Vittoria's house that used the same bed as her, despite not being mentioned anywhere or related, so I gave him another bed.



This mod might be conflict with mods that edit Vittoria Vici's house, or that edit the same lines. In case of the latter, some dialogue lines might reappear that may no longer be true. (for instance, Vittoria mentioning she needs to plan her wedding, after the wedding has already happened.)

Known conflicts: (thanks to wowfr for poiting these out)



Q: Is this compatible on a existing save?
A: It should work yes, if you destroyed the Dark Brotherhood already.

Q: What about Salonia and Plautis Carvain? Will they attend the wedding?
A: They actually have another radiant quest called "Lost after the wedding". So they'll still be wandering Skyrim afterwards. Having them actually attend the wedding would require more dialogue splicing and properly integrating them in the quest. Maybe in the future, but at this point, I have no plans to do so.

Q: How about player marriage to Vittoria Vici?
A: I have no current plans for that.

Q: Where will Asgeir stay after the wedding?
A: He will live in Vittoria's house in Solitude. I even gave him some new AI packages in Solitude. He will also work at the East Empire Company.

Q: Can you make <insert person> attend the wedding?
A: That would require major rewrites in the quest, as well as splicing suitable lines together. Maybe in the future, but not for now.

A: Yes.

Q: Is this compatible with <insert mod>?
A: I don't know by heart. You might need to check yourself.

Q: Will you make a patch for <insert mod>?
A: Only if it's a mod I use myself or plan on using, I have enough time and I actually like the idea. Otherwise, feel free to do it yourself. (see permissions)

Q: I have a suggestion to improve the mod. Can you do it?
A: Maybe, if I have time and I like the idea, I'll consider it.

Q: Will you port this to <insert platform>?
A: No, I myself only support the Steam and GOG English SE and AE versions of Skyrim. If someone else wants to port it, feel free. (see permission) If you decide to port it, you yourself take full responsibility to offer support to said port. I will not provide no support for any ports by third parties.

Q: I use a ported version of this mod on <insert platform> and I have a problem. Can you help?
A: I don't provide any support for third party ports on other platforms than the Steam and GOG English SE and AE versions of Skyrim. If you have issues, you should adress the person that ported it.

Q: Does this work on Skyrim 1.6+, aka "Anniversary Edition"?
A: Yes, it should.

Q: Why don't your mods use MCMs and instead use this janky console command system to set globals?
A: I am not a fan of MCMs. You can set the globals by making a patch in xEdit. I have no plans of changing this. If you want to add an MCM, feel free. (see permissions)

Q: Why don't you use FOMODs?
A: That would require reuploading the entire mod, in question, even if I only make a small change. My internet is limited and reuploading the files each time will take a huge chunk of my monthly volume.