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This mod aims to add handplaced new flowers and plants across Skyrim.

Permissions and credits
SSE Version courtesy PhenomFazMFQ

 This mod aims to add new Flowers and Plants across Skyrim. All the Flowers and Plants are handplaced.  This was done using resources available on the Nexus.

 Currently this mod covers the Pine Forest, Reach and Fall Forest regions. 

 Also this is compatible with Skyrim Flora Overhaul and all Grass mods like Unique Grasses and  Groundcovers. The mod adds full 3D Plants and Flowers and not Grass which is spawned randomly on the  attached Texture. The Performance impact should be minimal.

 v1.0 - Initial release. Covers the pineforest.
 v1.1 - Reach update.
 v1.2 - Rift update.
 v1.3 - Replaced a few plants in the pineforest. Minor tweaks and fixes.

 Thanks Hodilton


 Latest Version of Skyrim.
 No DLC is required.

 Extract the contents of the zip to your Data folder and activate the esm.  
 For Users upgrading from old version, simply overwrite the old version. 

 Load this at the top of your load order below only Unofficial Skyrim Patch.
 Should be compatible with  pretty much every mod since this only adds handplaced Flowers and Plants.  You might  see weird  placement if any mod drastically edits the same cell. Other than that shouldn't be  much of a problem. Just bring up the console, click the plant you wish to remove and type 'disable'.

 Elinen, Vurt, Ztree and Ga-Knomboe Boy for Hoddminir Plants and Trees.
 Elinen and Ztree for Hoddminir Water plants.

 Tamira, Yughues and Birdy for New Plants 1_3.
 Tamira, Ilona and Sonia Ray for New Flowers Resource.

 Bethesda for Skyrim.