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Realistic looking Icicle and Frost Atronach.

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Thank you for taking time to download and endorsing this mod. Also, thanks for your endorsing that made this to the top files.

I had the transparency and the light bending refraction on some icicle on my glass armor mod for fun, and many wanted it to try but it was buried in the download section and hard to find. This mod added the light refraction to the following:
1. Outdoor icicles such as the Windhelm roof icicle.
2. Cave and Labyrinthian icicles.
3. Frost Atronach and Ice Wraith.
4. Dawnguard outdoor icicles are supported.

Glacier textures

Special thanks to Crypton and Yuril for their awesome textures. By combining IOS detail/parallax textures with RI normal texture showed the glacier with the snow covered from afar and the ice skinned look when near.
Ice of Skyrim by Crypton
Real Ice ALL-IN-ONE by Yuril

Torch patches

The Skyrim engine has an issue with a transparent item meet up with another item with refraction. This situation will make the transparent item disappear. The torch had the transparency on the whole torch top to bottom when only the top tip with flame needed to be. I fixed this by separating top tip and the bottom wooded part, so the torch no longer disappear when you stand right next to this mod's icicle.

Thanks to minflux, I was able to patch his Smoking Torches mod to work with this mod. Please download Smoking Torches by mindflux if you want to use this mod's optional torch patch for his mod.

I was able to figure out the Ultimate HD Torch mod's HiRes fire effect torch, and I have added that effect to the optional torch patch. If you want to use both Smoking Torch and UHT, I have added a single option to use both.

The New Thinner Torch mod author let me modify his torch to be compatible with this mod's icicle, and he is hosting that compatible torch on his mod page.

=== Thinner+Smoking+UHT torch patch ===
IceKK didn't want a patch based on his Thinner torch be on another mod download, so I gave the Thinner+Smoking torch patch to IceKK.  I see he is taking donation but I'm a "Forever Free" modder, so I don't like him taking donation on my work.
If you know how to use NifSkope, here's the image showing you how to change the fire intensity. Download the "Transparent and Refracting Icicle and Frost At and smoking torches compatible" file from IceKK mod page, and change the Scale value to 1.3.

Torch patch install order: Please install this mod's torch patch option as the last install order after installing all other torch mod.

ENB TemporalAA

The latest MAIN download section now has one for the ENB Temporal AA and another for those are not using ENB Temporal AA. The ENB Temporal AA has a few very tiny anomalies that you may not noticed until you zoomed in. This will allow you to enable the ENB Temporal AA feature without seeing icicles wildly flipping or twitching. I myself do not use the ENB Temporal AA when I use ENB because this AA feature lowered my Skyrim performance from over 60fps to lower than 30fps. This non-ENB Temporal AA option also is much cleaner and no anomalies you might see from the ENB Temporal AA compatible download option.
Why the sampling rate of a scene must be at least twice as high as fps

My Glass Refracting Series

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