Lightning during Thunder Storms by Minty
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Lightning Strikes during Thunder Storms.

I was always disappointed with the lack of actual lightning during thunder storms!

The ground would light up, the rain was real, the thunder would sound so great, but I never saw any sheet lightning strikes in the sky or fork lightning strikes hitting the ground?

Seeing as this has still not been fixed, (as off 1.9 update) I created this small mod to provide some realistic lightning effects with both fork and sheet lightning strikes.

The lightning strikes can be configured to be either Fork, Sheet or both, each with distant or local strike configurable chances, they can hurt, or just be a harmless visual effect within the game.

(configurable - SkyUI - Mod Configuration Manager support for MCM 3.4)
(configurable - No SKSE - check your inventory for a book, read this for a spell, found under powers, cast this for the configuration menu)

If you like this mod then please Endorse and Vote for it so I get a little warm feeling inside, that someone appreciates my work :D

Available from - SkyRim Nexus - Steam WorkShop

Works best along side the following mods:-
SkyUI - SkyRim Nexus
Project Reality - Climates Of Tamriel - Weather - Lighting SkyRim Nexus
Lightning Patch for Climates Of Tamriel Support - SkyRim Nexus
Real Rain - SkyRim Nexus

See Latest Changes, and report any bugs you find, or request features you would like to see.

All the kind people who have endorsed my mod - you know who you are ;o)
PlayerTwo for the great video work, the sheet lightning .nifs and his constant help with the Mod.
RandoomNoob & JustinOther for the scripting assistence.

Translations credits for MCM Menu support- (JAPANESE still needed):-
Czech : Vanilka
French : Bufle / Brundle Mouche
Spanish : Gomstor! Original
Polish : olbins / Magda
Italian : Lucasssvt
German : Mahlzeit88
Russian : Const24
Portuguese : Alexsilvestre

Images are from in-game screen shots (myself and other welcome contributers).
Screenies are hard to capture and especialy - 'That Moment'. So thanks for all the user submissions.