About this mod

This mod removes the underwater grass to give an fps boost of around 5fps for sometimes no graphical change
Updated - now edits other small objects and includes NMM installer courtesy of user raulfin

Permissions and credits
I thought it was a bit silly having the game render something you couldn't see most of the time, so I made this.

Update 2 : Thanks to user raulfin, there is now a NMM installer. Includes main file and the optional small rock remover

Update 1 : Includes optional files to remove more objects - seem images section.

How it works.
Removes underwater grass that you can usually not see in skyrim for an fps boost of around 5fps (depending on the area this can be more or less). This type of grass is hidden from view unless you are underwater, annoyingly it is still being rendered when you are on land and it makes sense to get rid of it altogether considering the fps boost at a small graphical change.

Blank Meshes for the grass = nothing being drawn = a small but definite fps boost.
No graphical quality loss on when you're on land but still gives an fps boost!!!

Recommended for Dense grass
Grass in skyrim is pretty demanding especially with mods that increase density of the grass - which also increase density of ANY and ALL grass including underwater kelp/grass/seaweed which is pretty pointless - this mod can help alleviate the fps loss in certain areas.

This mod also leaves land grass untouched - only underwater grass is edited

To Install
Now comes with NMM installer with optionals

If using old versions:
Simply drag the meshes folder into your skyrim data folder and that's it.

Works well with all other performance and graphical mods and am 99% sure that it is not the cause of your crash.

Post in the event of an incompatibility and I will try to fix it.

Update: this mod will not effect mods that add new underwater grass, but might update if i find the mod that does add it.

The wizards at Bethesda.
raulfin for NMM installer

Also post for bugs, feedback or requests.

This is my first mod so i'm not really sure what i am doing but download and install at your own risk - kind of had an idea and ran with it but from user feedback it seems pretty fool-proof.