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A small texture replacement for the ivy that hangs off of stone walls in Skyrim.

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Images courtesy of 83Willow, please go check out her mods.


I use the Texture Pack Combiner (, and it boggled my mind that with all the texture packs you have to download not one of them covered the ivy that hangs/grows on stone walls/dead tree stumps/logs/farm houses.

So, I re-textured it myself at 2K resolution.

Thanks to Preykousis (LiveStyleGaming) and Hodilton for making these videos:


This texture was pieced together using a photo I took of ivy growing outside my house.

If you want to find the ivy in game (quickly), go to Riverwood. You will find it hanging on some stone walls. It also grows on farm house, dead logs, and dead tree stumps found throughout Skyrim.


Just use NMM and activate, or you can extract the 'texture' folder directly to your 'Data' folder.


Deactivate via NMM.

If you installed manually delete:


2/4/2013 - Initial Release
2/10/2013 - Released version that looks similar to vanilla ivy.
2/11/2013 - Due to accidentally making an inverted normal map, the texture appeared very flat. I made a new normal map that looks much better. Thank you Vurt for pointing it out.
2/12/2013 - By request, I added lower resolution files (1024 x 1024).
5/8/2015 - Corrected dumb mistake in the normal maps. Flipped green channel so it receives correct lighting.


Thanks to Bethesda for creating Skyrim.
Thanks to InsanitySorrow for the ReadMe Generator this ReadMe is based on.

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ReadMe Generator


You must contact me and obtain my permission before re-packaging any part of this mod.

I made this with my own assets and free assets off the internet. Please respect that this is my work and don't upload/modify without permission.

Modder's Will:

If I am offline for six months or longer and do not respond to any attempts made at contacting me, then you are free to upload this project to another site(s) as long as I am credited as the original author.