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High resolution retexture of the torch and flames. Comes with 2048x2048 texture and normal map plus optional ember style & HiRes flame effect texture.
Medium resolution of 1024x1024 also available for torch textures.

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I have to look at this blocky low-res torch all the time, so I decided to simply create a retexture myself.
Since the first upload on December 9th, I reworked and reuploaded the whole project several times.
I have just added the new HiRes Fire Effects for the torch. I think they look a lot better than the vanilla version. I added the modified vanilla torch.nif because it was the easiest way to adjust the flame size.

If you use the mod "New thinner torch" made by IceKK, you have to download the optional file for my mod HERE. <<< Highly recommended!

I recommend the download of the HiRes version, since there are differences between both versions (a noticeable texture flickering in the MedRes version).
But I think for low-end machines MedRes is better than vanilla anyway.

The actual version comes with...

...completely new torch texture in high resolution (2048x2048)
...regenerated normal map in high resolution (2048x2048)
...two styles of new torch embers/burning cloth in high resolution (2048x2048)
...optional retextured flame effect & adjusted flame size (2048x512)

Simply unzip the Main File or Optional Files into your Data Folder (/skyrim/data/textures/weapons/torch).

Delete the following files from /skyrim/data/textures/weapons/torch:

...and if you have installed the optional HiRes Flames, delete:




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New Thinner Torch