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HiShutUp Arindel Dr Megaloblast

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Increases the volumetric mountain clouds providing both depth and mystery to the mountain ranges of Skyrim.

Now ported for Legendary Edition N'wahs!

Permissions and credits
                                                     Obsidian Mountain Fogs
                                                                                                          -Now Available For Legendary Edition-
                                                                                                                                   Also On Special Edition!

This ultrasmall ~50kb plugin envelops many of Skyrim's peaks in rolling fogs that provide depth, obscuration, and mystery to the Skyrim wilderness. Climb into the clouds while ascending the Throat of the World. Lose yourself in the heavenly rolling fogs of the Reach. This is how Skyrim was envisioned. 

This plugin is a module of Obsidian Weathers (not available for Legendary Edition) that can be used alongside the weather mod of your choice. It comes at imperceptible performance cost and is compatible with everything. You can let all other mods overwrite to avoid rare and harmless conflicts. 


                                                                               Before Obsidian                            


                                                                                     After Obsidian                                   


All credits go to the original creators of the mod, HiShutUp, Arindel and Dr Megaloblast. They were even kind enough to provide open permissions, without which this port wont be possible. Im just an xedit monkey who wanted to use this excellent mod with my LE visual setup :F

What I Did To Port The Mod

-Loaded Legendary Edition vanilla esms with USLEEP and SSE Obsidian Mountain Fogs esp into xedit.

-For each cloud reference that Obsidian edited, I copied over the record from Skyrim.esm into my esp.

-Then I copied over Obsidian's cloud scale and when relevant, cloud positioning, values into the records in my esp.

-This means that I preserved the correct LE form version instead of SSE form 44.

-For the 10 or so new cloud references that Obsidian adds, I created new references from scratch with xedit and then referred to the SSE obsidian esp's cloud scale and positioning values to make the references identical.

- Loaded plugin in CK and saved it to convert records from base game form versions to form 43. (Not sure if this final step is necessary but eh)

TL;DR : I essentially remade the esp from scratch in xedit using Obsidian Mountain Fogs cloud scale values.

Note : "Backporting" mods properly is still very unfeasible. This was only possible because Obsidian Mountain Fogs is a relatively small mod with very little new records and edits to a very specific subset of data. Even then, this took me the better part of a day.