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high quality textures replacement for caves , frozen caves ,mines

Permissions and credits
hi res textures for caves ,frozen caves and mines
available in:
2k with 1k uncompressed normal maps
1k with 1k compressed normal maps

i suggest 2k,game does not ask much in interiors.
files already optimized... skip them if you use ddsopt or else.

all files are NEW and scratchmade... nothing from original bethesda textures has been's actually MY work 100%... not bethesda one.
file reupload on other sites than NEXUS is not allowed, use of these textures as modder resource for this or any game is not allowed...things are not gonna change.

Changelog :
3.0 added mines
2.0 remake of all "dry"(not frozen ) cave walls and ground. the idea to apply parallax to v1.2 did not satisfy me, so textures has been redone and bump on normal enhanced a lot,i find it good compromise. parallax on frozen caves remains as project...i'm doing some test to see what can be done.
fixed a typo on caverocks texture, now it's properly renamed as caverocks01.
video removed from description due to mismatching with current v2, if someone makes new one ,just let me know.
1.2 added frozen caves textures
1.1 fixed few seams on walls
1.0 initial release

once again:
if you do not like screenshots, description, me ... just move not download this mod and do not spend your time with comments...
i do not have time to waste discussing such things and to watch internet puppies growing up .
...these are the files...use them or not...choice is yours....simple.
CLEAR ...if you can do better and more in matter of skyrim less and do it...
just do not bother me in the meantime.

feel free to add your own screenshot for this release if you want.
big thanks to the dear friends that keep supporting me and this project after 1 year of development, the videomakers and all the person able to think a bit out of vanilla little box.

enjoy the files and endorse if you like.