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Tools to help with custom assets, and asset replacement.

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Outward SideLoader
by Sinai | My Mods | My GitHub | My Patreon (Donate)

Note: if you haven't yet, please update BepInEx to version 5.1 for the latest SideLoader version.


How To Install

  1. If you haven't already, download and install BepInEx: instructions here
  2. Download the SideLoader.zip file from the Files page
  3. Put this zip file in your Outward directory, so it looks like "Outward\SideLoader.zip"
  4. Right-click the file and Extract Here, so it merges with the folders.
  5. Done!

Installing SideLoader Mods
Mods which use the SideLoader will use something called a SideLoader Pack or "SL Pack". This is simply a folder. Each pack uses it's own folder to keep the assets separate from other mods.

SideLoader works by looking for these folders, and will automatically load and apply the assets from them.

They can be placed in the "Mods\SideLoader\" folder like so: "Outward\Mods\SideLoader\{PackName}".

SL Packs can also be placed in a folder such as "Outward\BepInEx\plugins\{ModName}\SideLoader\". This is the recommended structure for BepInEx mods to keep things organized.

Some mods may come already set-up, so all you have to do is simply extract them into the Outward installation folder and it will automatically merge with the existing folders.

Making A SideLoader Mod
Check the SideLoader Wiki on Github:
  • See changelogs here.

Thanks To
  • ehaugw
  • Elec0
  • Everyone on here and in the outward-modding channel who gave feedback, ideas and reported bugs