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A custom skill tree revolving around summoning minion allies. Involves many new, unique mechanics.

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This mod has moved to Thunderstore

Thunderstore is now the recommended mod database for Outward. Please use Thunderstore and r2modman instead of manual installations, thanks.


by Sinai | My Mods | My GitHub

This mod adds a custom Skill Tree to the game - Necromancy. It's focused on Decay damage, and mostly revolves around summoning Skeleton minions.

This mod was very much an experiment, and is the first of its kind to develop custom skill interactions, custom AI followers, and a custom Trainer NPC. For other modders, feel free to use the source (github link above) in developing your own mods.

Online and split-screen are supported, provided all players have this mod installed.

Can I Balance This Myself?

Yes, you can adjust the balancing of the skills yourself through two methods:

  • The XML Config File at Outward\BepInEx\config\NecromancySkills.xml can be used to adjust damages and other details on the balancing.
  • SL XML files can be edited from BepInEx\plugins\Necromancy\SideLoader\, or you can use the SL Menu to adjust these as well.

There are some tips at the bottom of the page for these settings files if you get stuck.

Please note:
in online play, everyone should use the same settings for best results. This mod does not sync settings.

How To Install
This is a BepInEx mod.

  1. If you haven't already, download and install BepInEx: instructions here
  2. Install the SideLoader first.
  3. Download the NecromancySkills.zip file from the Files page
  4. Put this zip file in your Outward directory, so it looks like "Outward\NecromancySkills.zip"
  5. Right-click the file and "Extract Here", so it merges with the folders.
  6. Done

Finding the Trainer
The trainer is a spectral ghost found at Dark Ziggurat, by the elevator at the top entrance.

If you just want to test the skills, they're available from the F3 debug menu. (Must have "DEBUG.txt" in "Outward/Outward_Data/" folder).


There's a total of 8 new skills, which is standard for a skill tree in Outward. There are 5 actives and 3 passives.

Tier 1: (50-100 silver, universal)
- Summon: Sacrifice 10% of your max health to summon an undead ally to fight alongside you.
- Life Ritual: Heal your summon and buff them.
- Vital Attunement: +20 max health and stamina
- Noxious Tendrils: Low cooldown projectile spell, if you have a summon they will also cast this. Heals you a small amount for every hit.

- Transcendence: Gain 2.5% bonus non-physical damage for every mana point you channel at the Ley line.
- note: unlike other breakthroughs, this actually requires Summon and Life Ritual, because of how integral they are to this tree.
- note 2: a "Mana Point" refers to sacrificing 5 Health and Stamina for 20 Mana. Not each literal mana value.

Tier 3: (600 silver, post-breakthrough)
- Death Ritual: Detonate your current summon for a big AoE explosion

Choose one:
- Plague Aura: A sigil that follows you around and periodically damages enemies with an AoE ground attack. Enables spell combos with Necro skills.
- Army of Death: max summon limit increased to 3 from 1.

Settings Tips

For the "Type" settings, this refers to Damage Type, and it goes like this:
- 0 is Physical
- 1 is Ethereal
- 2 is Decay
- 3 is Lightning
- 4 is Frost
- 5 is Fire

The settings are broken up by the different skills. You can control both the 'normal' effects, and the skill-combo effects if there are any.

Source Code / VS Project
If you want to see the source code, I've uploaded it here. Feel free to use it in developing your own mods.


- update for outward's engine update. this is now a bepinex mod.
- added settings options for skeleton health loss and starting HP

- fixed the errors with PhotonView on the summoned AIs, solves the framerate drops.

- added Settings config file so you can adjust damages and balancing yourself


- generalized some things into SideLoader, code is a bit cleaner now (especially the summon and trainer classes)


- initial release