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Now you can get EVERY Skill, EVERY Legacy Item, and Challenge yourself in a Stronger World

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New Game Plus
by Kekasi

Credit to Sinai for his tools, IggyTheMad for the icon, and everyone in the Outward Modding Discord for their help.

This mod allows you to reset your character, like most New Game Plus systems.
When you select a Legacy Character, your new character will also gain all the Skills, Recipes, and Equipment of the selected Legacy Character.
To make things easy, your character creation options will be auto-filled to match your Legacy Character.
In addition, by triggering New Game Plus, your character will become weaker, and at NG+4, you will take double damage and deal half.
(Examples of the Debuff are in the pictures)

Features of New Game Plus:
  • Breakthrough Points are set to 3, and all previous Breakthrough Skills are kept
  • All Skills from your Legacy Character are transferred and are crossed out on the Skill Tree Menus
  • These skills no longer block other skills, so you can finally get both Infuse Fire and Infuse Frost
  • Players of different NG+ Levels can play together!
  • You can rescue your Exalted Character and get another chance.
  • Note: you do need to give up on Exalted, unless you want to go back

How to use:
  1. Select New Game
  2. Select your Legacy
  3. The Name and Character Creation Options will be auto-filled based on the Legacy
  4. These Options can be changed, and are only there to provide an easy way to recreate your character, if you can't remember exactly what they look like.
  5. Select Create
  6. Your Character will be created as normal, and put in the starting area, but will now have the Legacy's Skills, Recipes, and Equipment, and will have a new or stronger Debuff.

  • Disable Legacy Character Creation - Return Character Creation to the vanilla method. No skill or equipment transfer.
  • Delete Keys - By Default, Keys will not be transferred as they act as psuedo quest items. This can be turned off in the Shared Config Menu.
  • Transfer Exalted - By Default, the Exalted Skill is removed on Legacy Creation. This can be disabled, but a new Character will gain Exalted AND Life Drain.
  • WARNING: If you decide to Transfer Exalted & Life Drain, they will be transferred with their current state. This may shorten your gameplay.

How To Install

This is a BepInEx mod.

  1. If you haven't already, download and install BepInEx: instructions here
  2. Install the SideLoader first.
  3. WARNING: SideLoader 3.1.14 or newer is required.
  4. Install the Shared Mod Config mod.
  5. Download the NewGamePlus.zip file from the Files page
  6. Put this zip file in your Outward directory, so it looks like "Outward\NewGamePlus.zip"
  7. Right-click the file and Extract Here, so it merges with the folders.
  8. Done!

- Fixed Localization Issue with Non-English Systems
- Made NG+ compatible with Sideloader 3.1.14
- Addressed some Mod Compatibility Issues
- Added "Stretched Thin" Debuff
- Added ability to get both linked skills
- Confirmed that 0.2 Saves will transfer properly
- Added Disable & Exalted Options
- Modified Saving Legacy Level for Future Features
- initial release

BKayne - For his assistance with troubleshooting a Localization Issue and Helping with Mod Compatibilty