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Several mod files included here. One removes weight limit and all burden penalties. Another sets available breakthrough points to 3 with keybind. Yet another hides helmet or replaces helmet visuals, also with keybinds. The last provides multiple, swappable hotbars / quickbars. Source code provided for people who wish to make their own variations.

Permissions and credits
Installation instructions:  

1) Install BepInEx

2) Download & extract my .dll files to Outward\BepInEx\plugins\

3) Ensure that you have set steam to use the default-mono branch.  You can do this by right-clicking Outward in your Steam collections list, then clicking on properties.  Select the "Betas" tab, then "opt into" the default-mono branch.  After steam updates, you should see Outward\Outward_Data\Managed\Assembly-CSharp.dll along with many other files in that directory.

4) Multi-Bar Swappable Quickslots also requires Sinai's SharedModConfig.  Be sure to install that, as well as its dependencies.  You need to set a keybinding for it, then you can adjust the number of available hotbars via the in-game GUI.  See below for more details. I have added this mod as a dependency, but it is only needed for the Multi-Bar Swappable Quickslots mod at this time.

Word of caution: None of these mods were tested for online multiplayer use; they have worked well for myself & others in single-player mode, but may not work well in multi-player mode.

Mod Details

Foreword: I like freedom & flexibility, and noticed that people were commenting that the similar mods on the site were broken with the latest update, so I decided to make my own simple, but functional alternatives & uploaded them for you to use until those other mods are updated.  I don't plan to support these mods long-term, so I've uploaded the source code for everything to make it easier for people who may want to update them in the future.  This is also why I have decided to keep all of these mods here, rather than make multiple mod pages (rather than having a bunch of abandoned mod pages, we can keep them all nice and tidy in one spot).

If you have thoughts on other simple tweaks like these that you would like to see updated or introduced, though, let me know.  I can't do anything substantial like difficulty balancing, etc.

Note that there are more fully-featured weight limit mod options available on Nexus which seem to be up-to-date, so you may prefer those if you are only interested in increasing / adjusting your weight limit.  Just be sure to delete my weight limit mod .dll if you use either of these:

Custom Weight by Sinai

More Carry Weight by Mellenna

As for my mods, I have included the following:

1A:  50K bag and pouch

Sets the pouch & bag capacity to 50000.  Avoids the "No Limit" bug with the unlimited inventory, which causes all items to be picked up to the pouch instead of the bag.  Some items still move to the pouch (i.e., arrows), while others move to the bag (i.e., armor) -- I believe that this is the expected behavior.  It also removes all burden penalties.

1B:  Unlimited Inventory and No burden penalty

This file removes all burden penalties and also gives you unlimited inventory (you should see No Limit displayed on both the bag & pouch).  Using this file will cause picked up items to be placed in your pouch, rather than your bag.

2A:  Swappable Quickslots

This is the simplest version of Quickslots (doesn't require SharedModConfig), but it only has 2 hotbars.

Update of the mod by  IAmTheClayman: Better Quick Slots - Splitscreen Ready.  Updated with permission of the original author.  I have only tested this mod in single-player.  Split screen should be working.

This mod should work well with keyboard & mouse, controllers (I tested it with an xbox controller), and / or Sinai's Extended Quickslots 2 mod.

2B:  Multi-Bar Swappable Quickslots

Have you ever wanted separate bars for your melee build, archer build, mage build, consumables / deployables bar, etc?  Well...I have!  So I made a mod for that.  Requires Sinai's SharedModConfig.  Set the keybind for SharedModConfig, then press it once you are out of the menus.  A new window should pop up in-game.  Navigate to "Swappable Quickslots" and click on it (may need to scroll down if you have many mods).  You should see a slider, allowing you to change the # of hotbars from 2 to 10. Click save and apply once you have made your choice.  Also works for controllers and with Extended Quickslots 2, just like the 2A option above.

If you would like to see a version of this which allows you to adjust your # of hotbars via a config file, rather than SharedModConfig, please let me know.

Important note: you can update the # of hotbars whenever you like.  However, if you select fewer hotbars than you are presently using (i.e., reducing the # of hotbars), and you are on a hotbar that is no longer available (i.e., you downgrade to 2 bars, but you are on bar 5), then you will be automatically switched to Bar 1.

2C:  Multi-Bar Swappable Quickslots with Bar-specific keybinds 

Created by request. Identical to 2B, but allows you to create keybinds to switch to specific hotbars. 

Note that it will not switch to hotbars that are not enabled.  For example, if you have # of hotbars set to 3 in Shared Mod Config, the keybind to switch to hotbar 4 will still show up in the settings, but pressing it won't actually switch to hotbar 4 (until you increase the # of hotbars, which you can do on the fly, without restarting Outward...just be sure to click "Save and Apply").  

3A & 3B:  Hide helmet & replace helmet visuals with keybinds

I felt like hiding my helmet for a bit, so I did.  This mod does not affect the helm's stats (they are still applied correctly).  Also updated to use keybinds, which can be set in your settings menu.  There should be 3 keybinds listed:

1) Hide Helmet: Does exactly what it says.  Press it to hide your helmet.  Press it again to show your helmet.  Doesn't affect the stats that are applied & you can remove / equip helmets as usual, regardless of whether it's hidden

2) Store Helmet Visual:  This is a new thing.  Equip the helmet that you like the visuals for, then press this key.

3) Replace Helmet Visual: Also new, to be used after "Store Helmet Visual."  After storing your helmet visual, equip the helmet you actually want to wear, then press the key to "Replace Helmet Visual."  Voila!  Now, you have the stats of the good helmet, with the visual of the helmet you like.  Sadly, I don't know how to make this persistent after reloading your save, so you probably won't actually use it.  Still, kinda cool.

Ideas for future modders Make replacing of helmet visuals persistent.  Add new features to save & replace entire gear set visuals with these keybinds -- should be pretty easy, with the source code I've provided.  Could also use SharedModConfig to add an option to disable or replace helmet visuals using the OnEquip method in v 1.0 of the code (or using the method I use in the latest version of the code).  I did find an older mod that swaps out equipment visuals: Vanity Mod.  It probably needs to be updated, though, and it would be good to convert it to use SharedModConfig with some method for auto-populating the equipment options.  From their, could even turn it into an equipment set manager.

4A:  Set breakthrough points to 3 with keybind

As it says: set a keybind in your settings menu, then press that key when you don't have any menus displayed (you should be able to move around), to give you 3 breakthrough points to use.  The key won't work if you have menus or windows open (inventory window, escape menu, etc).


Some credits are listed in the little drop-down box above, but I would like to provide substantial credit for the custom keybinds to:
kongenav / Stian for the original code: Custom Keybindings Project Template
OutlanderSinai and Lasyan3 for updating the original code, which I used directly in these files

IAmTheClayman for the Swappable Quickslots code: Better Quick Slots - Splitscreen Ready.  Most of the base code was taken directly from their older project.

OutlanderSinai again for his generous decision to post the source code for his mods.  It helps to provide novice modders like myself with a ... far less abrasive introduction to the Outward modding scene.

Known Bugs:

Affecting 2A, 2B and 2C Quickslot swappers:

1) This bug only shows up if you manually alter your save files, so ignore this if you don't do that (i.e., deleting save games, to revert to an older save game).  I don't plan to address the bug, but wanted to mention it for those of you who do alter your save files: 

When reverting to an older save (as I do often when testing), if your current hotbar is different from what the prior save game was, then your current hotbar will be overridden. I.e., if the mod thinks you are on Bar 1, but you are actually on Bar 2, then swapping bars will cause Bar 1 to be overwritten with Bar 2 and it will swap you to Bar 2 (so...with 2 bars, it will look like it didn't swap at all, because both bars will be the same).  To fix this, you can adjust your current hotbar number in the mod config file, before loading the save.  Don't worry about updating the rest of the file -- that will be handled automatically.  Change the # in "charCurrentBarMode": #,  to be 1 less than the number of the bar you want to change to (i.e., if you want to be on bar 2, then set # = 1; for bar 1, set # = 0).  You would have to make this change before loading the save, though.  If the bar was already overwritten, then you will have to set the bar up again on your own.  In other words, if you are manually editing your save files, then make a backup of the Outward\Mods directory if this is a concern for you.

[ Changelog ]

20200707 #2: By request, I uploaded version 2C of multi-bar quickslot swapper.  Identical to 2B, but with extra keybind options (can now assign keybinds to switch to specific hotbars).

20200707: Updated the quickslot swappers again, to include tracking of the weapon enchantments.  Should now correctly slot the weapon with the correct enchantment.  If you have multiple of the same weapon with different enchantments, you can now slot them together, on the same bar, and it will track them correctly.  I could add in some more logic here, but it should work well for most people.

20200706 #2: Found an issue with 2A & 2B swappable quickslots mods.  Failed to swap bars when you had food items equipped that ran out (0 items left in your inventory).  Code properly handles this now & it should swap when you run out of the food item, then place that item back on the hotbar when you swap back to that bar (with 0 items left, unless you found more of that food item).  Might have affected other things that have similar counters on them (like mana stones, rags, etc). 

20200706: Both Swappable Quickslots mods (2A & 2B) were updated for better handling of waterskins & slotting multiple identical items (like 2 pickaxes, or 2 swords that you can swap between when your durability runs out).  The way it is handled is as follows:

If you have multiple items with the same item ID (essentially, if they are identical items), then the code will place those items in the correct slots.  If one of those items is equipped (i.e. a sword), then that item will be shown in the left-most quickslot.  The other quickslots will be slotted with the remaining items.

If you slot multiple waterskins, this is now handled as follows:
1) When swapping hotbars, it will check to see if you still have a water skill that has some water left in it with the same type of water that you slotted previously, then equip that item to a slot
2) If it can't find an exact match, it will look for any other water skill that still has water in it, and equip that
3) If none of your water skins have water in them, then it will simply slot an empty waterskin, which you can use after you fill it up as usual.

I'm tempted to add in options for how this stuff is handled, to the 2B version (using SharedModConfig)...if people are interested in having the options.

20200705 #2: Updated Hide Helmet with 2 mod options.  Both now remember your preference for hiding your helmet when reloading the game (via a save file in Outward\Mods\).  Both now work reasonably well with split-screen, for those who are interested in that.  Mod option 3A will hide your helmet when you equip a new helmet, so that you don't have to press the hotkey again.  Mod option 3B will display the new helmet by default (so you will have to press the hotkey again).  Unfortunately, the "replace visuals" option is still not saved when reloading.  I probably won't try to get that working, unless people are actually interested in it.  If you don't want your hiding preference to be remembered, you can use version 1.1 of the mod in the "old files" section.  I was tempted to update this to SharedModConfig, but thought it was silly for 1 or 2 check boxes.

20200705: Added Multi-Bar Swappable Quickslots using SharedModConfig.  Future modders will hate me for coding this the way I have, if they use it, but....it works!

20200704 #2: uploaded new version of Swappable Quickslots.  This addresses the equipped item bug & allows for independent quickslot swapping in split screen, using either k&m or controller.  Still works well with EQ2.  Still consider mod to be in "Beta" since it is more complicated than the other mods & I want to see feedback from the community, in case there are still bugs.

20200704: added new mod: Swappable Quickslots.  Updated mod from IAmTheClayman: Better Quick Slots - Splitscreen Ready with permission from the original author.

20200703: re-uploaded 50k bags & pouches.  Unlimited inventory version caused a bug that sends all picked up items to the pouch, rather than the bag.  This version should have the intended behavior, though I do recommend using Custom Weight by Sinai, instead of my weight limit mods, since it is more likely to be kept up-to-date in the future.  For what it's worth, I'm still using my 50k bags & pouches mod from here, since it does what I want.