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Instantly take items (Plants etc.) without having to hold the button

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With this mod, items will instantly be picked up without having to hold the Action button. 

In the Shared Mod Config Menu you can define, whether the hold button will appear when you gather wood from trees (enabled by default).

There is also an option to instantly open chests.

Please let me know when the mod does not work as expected.

BepInEx mod. Extract to Outward game directory. 

Version History:

This mod won a prize for the "Stay Home. Make Mods." event! Big thanks to the nice people at Nexus and GOG!

Version 1.5:
Updated for latest game version as of November 2021. Configuration is now done through BepInEx Configuration (F1 Key)

Version 1.4:
- New option to instantly open chests
- There is now a Shaded Config Menu called "Instantly Take Items" to configure this mod
- Shared Mod Config Menu and SideLoader are now required

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