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Adds a new class centered around countering and instant shooting.

Permissions and credits
Requires both DLC's. Requires BepInEX and newest version of SideLoader. Requires new character.

Designed by brothers Unbound and Warlock.

The mod was designed with a high risk vs high reward playstyle in mind. The mod is balanced around using my other mods in tandem.

The class focuses around landing successful counters in order to gain "bullet" buffs (alerts). The bullet buffs allow the skill Shot to be used, and if successful with landing the skill, Shot awards one "ultra" buff. Four ultra buffs allow the use of one of two ultra skills, Omni-Shot and Ultra Strike.

All skills cost stamina only (minus Blood Infusion).

The class takes significantly increased impact, physical and elemental damage due to being able to consistently nullify damage via counter.

The entire mod is balanced around on using ONLY the  provided skills and passives. Mixing in other skills or passive from the base game WILL cause balance issues.

There is a skill trainer in each of the four base cities (more to come later for DLC) that have more passives and upgrades to the starting skills. 

Infusions now change the elemental of your shot in order to allow better typing against specific enemies of choice.

Added a custom recipe for a custom Flintlock Pistol in order to have one at the start. Takes two iron scraps and two wood in the crafting window. The custom Flintlock only sells for 3 silver, otherwise the stats are the same.

The mod has been fleshed out a lot more compared to V1, with a more depth and skill progression, while also being more balanced.

For anyone who might wonder, I use most of the itemIDs 9999900-9999999 and statusIDs 888, 900-998.

TO DO: Still have to create and add-in an upgrade to shot.

To install, place the ParryMasterV2.zip into 
steamapps/common/Outward/Mods/SideLoader then right click, hover 7zip
and choose Extract To "ParryMasterV2\"

If not using 7zip then right click extract all, then move the mod up
one folder level since the default extract buries the mod
one folder deeper than it needs to be.

The final file path has to be
with there being 3 folders and the ReadMe in the ParryMasterV2 folder.

If inside of the ParryMasterV2 folder is another ParryMasterV2 folder then
then you just have to drag out the deeper ParryMasterV2 folder and delete
the now empty folder.

To uninstall simply delete the ParryMasterV2 folder in steamapps/common/Outward/Mods/SideLoader/