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Adds recipes for all Legacy Chest Items. Requires all DLC. Requires SideLoader. Requires BepInEx.

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Along with all legacy items as recipes, the mod also changes the prices of the five gems and gold ingots.

Tiny Aquamarines now buy and sell for 100 silver.
Hackmanites now buy and sell for 200 silver.
Small Sapphires now buy and sell for 300 silver.
Medium Rubies now buy and sell for 750 silver.
Large Emeralds now buy and sell for 1000 silver.
Gold Ingots now buy and sell for 2500 silver.

All recipes are the base item plus 3 gems or ingots. The ReadMe.txt has all recipes.

To install, place the LegacyChestRecipes.zip into 
steamapps/common/Outward/Mods/SideLoader then right click, hover 7zip
and choose Extract To "LegacyChestRecipes\"

If not using 7zip then right click extract all, then move the mod up
one folder level since the default extract burries the mod
one folder deeper than it needs to be.

The final file path has to be


with there being 2 folders and the ReadMe in the LegacyChestRecipes folder.

If inside of the LegacyChestRecipes folder is another LegacyChestRecipes folder then
then you just have to drag out the deeper LegacyChestRecipes folder and delete
the now empty folder.

To uninstall simply delete the LegacyChestRecipes folder in steamapps/common/Outward/Mods/SideLoader/