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This mod enables you to play as a Cabal Crusader, which is a skill tree that provides both passive and active skills that are invaluable for a character that wishes to use magic to augment their melee capabilities.

Permissions and credits
This mods was confirmed to work with the (at that time) current base game at January 12, 2021.


What's the purpose of "The Cabal Crusader"?
  • Enable the user to play as a holy warrior with divine magic.
  • Give the user a legit reason to sacrifice health and stamina on a melee character.
  • Enable the user to play an all out melee character without mana, while still casting a few spells.

  1. Make sure you have opted in to the default-mono branch.
  2. If you have previously used the Partiality mod loader, you will need to do some additional steps
    1. Back up your save files, which are found in "Outward/SaveGames"
    2. Delete the entire "Outward" folder.
    3. Uninstall the game through Steam, GOG or whatever you are using.
    4. Reinstall the game.
    5. Import your save files into the fresh "Outward" folder.
  3. Make sure all dependencies are installed. The mod depends on these and will not work without them!
    1. Outward SideLoader
  4. Uninstall previous versions of the mod.
  5. Download "Cabal Crusader.zip".
  6. Move "Cabal Crusader.zip" into the "Outward" game folder.
  7. Right click "Cabal Crusader.zip" and click "Extract Here".

  1. Version 1.1.0 and onwards
    1. Navigate to "Outward/BepInEx/plugins/".
    2. Delete the "Cabal Crusader" folder.
  2. Version 1.0.0
    1. Navigate to "Outward/BepInEx/plugins/".
    2. Delete the "Cabal Crusader" folder.
    3. Navigate to "Outward/Mods/SideLoader/".
    4. Delete the "Cabal Crusader" folder.


"The Cabal Crusader" implements a new skill tree with a total of 8 skills (like every other skill tree). The skill tree has a focus on healing the user and his/her allies, resource management and dealing Holy damage. A melee character is typcally very strong against a single enemy and struggles against larger groups. This skill tree addresses that issue by offering less single target power in exchange for a weapon infusion (Impending Doom Imbue) that brings some AoE damage to the table. The skills are as following:

Cure Wounds (Cooldown: 5 seconds, Mana cost: 14)
  • Heals the caster for 7 health, scaling with the caster's Holy damage bonus.
  • The player is partially mobile during the entire spell casting animation.
  • Requires an empty left hand.

Judgement (Passive)
  • Impending Doom Imbueapplies 10 seconds of Impending Doom to target.
  • Sparkapplies 10 seconds of Impending Doom to target, and also applies it to nearby enemies if the effect was already present on the target.

Blessed Determination (Passive)
  • This effect is only active when the player is affected by Blessed, and has no effect otherwise.
  • Restores 100% of mana spent as stamina.
  • Each point of stamina spent gives about 5% Burst of Divinity build-up.

Infuse Doom (Cooldown: 2 seconds, Mana cost: 7)
  • Applies Impending Doom Imbue to the weapon for 60 seconds.
  • Unlike other weapon infusions, this does not consume a boon.

Rebuking Smite (Cooldown: 20 seconds, Mana cost: 7, Stamina cost: 7)
  • A sweeping weapon attack.
  • Deals 1.5x impact damage.
  • Deals 1.5x weapon damage.

Wrathful Smite (Cooldown: 40 seconds, Mana cost: 7, Stamina cost: 8)
  • A leaping attack similar to Predator Leap, but has no AoE damage.
  • Deals 2.0x impact damage.
  • Deals from 2.0x to 5.0x weapon damage depending on the target's missing health.
  • The cooldown resets if the skill kills a target.

Retributive Smite (Cooldown: 40 seconds, Mana cost: 7, Stamina cost: 8)
  • Similar to Counterstrike, but different damage formula.
  • Deals 1.5x weapon damage, with additional 20 bonus Holy damage.
  • Deals 3.0x impact damage.

Channel Divinity (Cooldown: 300 seconds, Mana cost: 20)
This skill can be combined with Rune Magic to make vastly different effects.
  • Shim
    • Adds 50 seconds of Impending Doom to nearby enemies.
  • Dez
  • Egoth
    • Buffs the caster with Healing Surge.
  • Fal
  • No Rune
    • Heal the caster and his/her allies for 30 health, amplified by his/her Holy damage modifier.
    • Revives his/her allies if they are downed.

"The Cabal Crusader" also adds a skill that is not part of the Cabal Crusader skill tree. The skill is:

Prayer (Cooldown: 1 second)
  • The caster is set in a praying pose until he/she moves.
  • Praying for 3 seconds buffs the caster with Blessed. If the caster has learned Blessed Determination, he will also receive Burst of Divinity.
  • Receiving the buffs from Prayer has a 150 seconds internal cooldown, despite the Prayer skill having no cooldown itself.

Some of the skills above cause status effects, and some of these effects are added to the game by this mod. The new effects are:

Impending Doom Imbue (Duration: 60 seconds)
  • A weapon infusion that adds 5 + 25% of weapon damage as Holy damage to the affected weapon.
  • Applies 10 seconds of Impending Doom on a hit.

Impending Doom (Duration: 10 seconds, ticks once every 1 second)
  • A status effect that deals 1 Holy damage per second for 10 seconds to the affected creature.
  • Multiple Impending Doom effects stack up, increasing the duration of the effect by 10 seconds for each stack.
  • Summons a thunderbolt if the remaining damage of the effect exceeds both 40 and the target's maximum health.

Burst of Divinity (Duration: 30 seconds)
  • This effect can be stacked indefinitely. Each effect has individual timers.
  • Reduces the mana cost of the next spell cast by 7 per stack (before reductions).
  • One stack of Burst of Divinity will be consumed for every 7 mana that was not spend due to this status effect. This number is always rounded up.

Surge of Divinity (Duration: 90 seconds)

Healing Surge (Duration: 120 seconds)
  • Doubles the healing from Cure Wounds and makes it able to heal allies.

Is it possible to learn this power?

Not from a jedi, but I suggest seeking out Rufus and Klaus.

Patch notes

  • Version 4.1.0
  • Version 4.0.0
    • Can be played with (and only with) the base game update related to The Three Brothers.
    • Prayer effect is gained after 3 seconds (from 10)
    • Shield of Faith has been replaced with Aura of Smiting.
    • The Monsoon Altar interaction has been replaced with a trainer that can be found North-east of the easter Huge Tree in the Hallowed Marsh.
    • New skill icons for many skills
  • Version 3.1.0
  • Version 3.0.1
  • Spoiler:  
  • Version 3.0.0
  • Spoiler:  
  • Version 2.0.2
  • Spoiler:  
  • Version 2.0.1
  • Spoiler:  
  • Version 2.0.0
  • Spoiler:  
  • Version 1.0.0
  • Spoiler:  

Other mods by ehaugw (this list may be outdated)

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  • Beige Traveler's Gear
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    • Provide a simple test to check if Outward SideLoader is loading.
      • The visual change to the backpack near the campfire in the game's main menu confirms that the Outward SideLoader is doing it's job.
  • Crusader's Item Pack
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    • Ensuring that the highest possible Holy damage bonus is not affected by this mod.
    • Provide more options for players who wish to look like someone doing Elatt's bidding
  • Custom Moveset Pack
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    • Introduce significant variations between weapons of the same type.
    • Make rarely used weapons more viable by giving them better movesets rather than better stats.
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  • The Juggernaut
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    • Provide other defensive options than Rune Sage, Monk Warrior and Cabal Hermit.
  • Radiant Damage Gear
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    • Ensuring that the highest possible lightning damage bonus is not affected by this mod.
  • Runic Scrolls
  • Skilled at Sitting
    • Enable a coop player to mimic a rest while his sorry excuse of a partner is wasting time organizing his backpack and talking to merchants.
    • Provide a ever so slightly useful alternative to just waiting when you need an important cooldown before a dangerous fight.
    • Provide an alternative to other sitting mods, that is balanced and consistent with the game design (thus ruling out "Medidation", as passive mana regen in Outward is related to sleep).
  • SmartCam
    • Aid people in their quest for joining the "free-cam-master-race".
  • The Cabal Crusader
    • Enable the user to play as a holy warrior with divine magic.
    • Give the user a legit reason to sacrifice health and stamina on a melee character.
    • Enable the user to play an all out melee character without mana, while still casting a few spells.


Thanks to Sinai for making the Outward Explorer, and always beeing up for discussing solutions to anything.
Thanks to IggyTheMad for designing most of the icons in the mod!