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The Tech Enhanced - No Man's Sky Guide is aimed toward users that want an "enhanced vanilla" feel, but don't want the hassle of merging and changing a ton of files. This page hosts the Resource Files for the Guide.

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Tech Enhanced - No Man's Sky
A guide for an enhanced, lightweight overhaul.
NMS v3.10 compatible

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The Tech Enhanced - No Man's Sky Guide is aimed toward users that would like an "enhanced vanilla" feel with something closer to an "install and done" approach. A user that has already modded their game isn't likely to find anything useful here.

The scope of the Guide is to combine desired changes that from stem from extended gameplay with changes from various mods. The goal is to provide gameplay that is still true to the spirit of the game while enhancing aspects that are somewhat lacking in their execution. This means many annoyances are lessen without completely nullifying their gameplay elements.

The following are all the features that this Guide will provide:

  • Increased base radiuses
  • Unknown buildings and icon range increased
  • Cable and wire length made to match the base radius
  • Some base item's terrain cuts have been improved
  • Additional base items will cut the terrain properly when placed
  • Base item limits and restrictions have been removed for most items
  • Most buildable items can now be rotated, scaled, change color, and change material
  • Removing most base items will no longer remove attached items (prevents rework)
  • Increased the minimum and maximum buildings the ship will scan for

  • Improved water colors
  • Improved water ripples
  • Improved foam color at night
  • Reduces pop-in of terrain

Player Movement, Jetpack & Rocket Boots
  • The player swims, walks, and runs faster
  • Jetpack & Rocket Boots are faster and last longer
  • Jetpack has more forward thrust to use it more easily for travel
  • Sprinting and Jetpack's drain on Life Support has been reduced

Gameplay & Miscellaneous
  • Customized camera shakes (many have been disabled, others reduced)
  • Refiners are 20x faster vs vanilla
  • Ship interaction range increased from 50u to 500u
  • Decreased chances of broken slots on crashed ships
  • Freighter battles (when exiting warp) happen twice as less vs vanilla
  • Reduced flashlight/torch strength to reduce blowout when close to objects
  • Moved torch more in front of the player to reduced it lighting the back of the head as easily
  • All hazard protection times have been doubled from vanilla settings
  • Radiation damage rates have been reduced by 4x (radiation is a slow killer)
  • Toxic Gas damage rates have been increased by 50% (gas/toxins are a fast killer!)
  • Extreme Heat and Extreme Cold damage rates have been halved
  • Extreme Heat and Extreme Cold trigger temps have been adjusted to just beyond vanilla values

  • Survey Scanner will scan further away and complete the scan faster
  • Terrain Resource compass and scanner ranges increased
  • Clear binocular view (no vanilla tint)
  • Binoculars will scan further away, complete the scan faster, and have better close-range scanning at zoomed levels
  • Mining and Terrain beam distances increased to mine further away
  • Visual Only scan will scan further away and completes faster
  • Zoom level 1 (L1) increased by 50% of vanilla, L2 by 125% of L1, L3 by 200% of L2, L4 by 750% of L3
  • Beacon, Debug Planet, Debug Space, Distress Signal, Observatory, Radio Tower, Ship, Tool, and Waypoint scanners scan faster and further distances

Ships & Vehicles
  • Land, Boost, Pulse, Space, and Warp speeds are faster
  • Spaceship controls have been overhauled to align better with their weight classes
  • Improved the overall landing of ships
  • Pulse will exit closer to Space Stations
  • Ships will hover closer to the ground during takeoff
  • Ships can now hover on planets and come to a full-stop and reverse in space