No Man's Sky

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Make your torch that little bit more user-friendly. A tiny bit brighter. A little bit more pointed-in-an-actually-useful-direction.

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Just a little TORCH mod is just what it says.

Have you noticed your in-game torch is... not great? Why is it pointing up and to the right? Why is the beam so narrow? Why doesn't it illuminate the ground right in front of your feet? That last especially seems like a good idea when navigating alien terrain, doesn't it?

This mod expands the torch FOV just a bit (100-->115), increases the brightness ever so slightly (4.0-->4.2; any brighter and reflection off NPCs is a little overwhelming!), and changes the focus point to be a bit lower and more centred on you and where you're walking.


This modifies the following file, and will be incompatible (without some additional merging effort) with any other mod that does so:


For those keen to merge the effects of this mod with those of others that modify this file, download the optional compatibility lua script file for AMUMSS. Place the script file AND the .pak file of the mod you with which you wish to merge into the \ModScript folder of your AMUMSS installation and run BuildMod.bat to generate a merged patch file, which should be named so as to load at the end of your mod load order.