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Increases the interaction range of your starship, recharges the scanner faster, and speeds up analysis. Fully modular, pick whatever options and variants you want.

Permissions and credits
The updated version of JovianStones mod. Since he hasn't updated it yet, I figured I'd give it a go. This mod makes the interaction range of your starship near infinite. It also lets the scanner recharge very quickly and lets it scan further.

This mod edits GCGAMEPLAYGLOBALS.GLOBAL.MBIN, so it's incompatible with any mod that edits this file.

Note on manual installation
The filenames may be confusing. The naming convention is SSOOR[Fast scanner recharge,Analysis speed,Starship interact range]
Possible values are:
Fast scanner recharge
- y (For fast scanner recharge)
- n (For the default scanner recharge)
Analysis speed
- d (For the default analysis speed)
- 0 (For instant analysis)
- 1 (For an analysis speed of 1 second)
- 3 (For an analysis speed of 3 seconds)
Starship interact range
- d (For the default interact range)
- 200 (For an interact range of 200 units)
- 500 (For an interact range of 500 units)
- 1000 (For an interact range of 1000 units)
- 5000 (For an interact range of 5000 units)
- inf (For a near infinite interact range)

For example, if I want the default scanner recharge, a 1 second analysis speed, and infinite interact range, I should choose the file named SSOOR[n,1,inf]

Manual installation:
1 - Unzip the file
2 - Pick the option you like best.
3 - Place the .pak file in your \No Man's Sky\GAMEDATA\PCBANKS\MODS folder. If that doesn't exist, create it.
4 - Delete the file DISABLEMODS.txt from the PCBANKS folder.