No Man's Sky
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Better digs out some building parts at creation

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I was suprised the other day to notice my new landing pad was half buried in the ground were I placed it.
So I took some time to check the other building parts and fixed all the ones I could find that were not digging out the terrain enough to uncover them.

So this mod fixes this for the following parts :
- Appearance Modifier
- Containers 0 to 9
- Landing pad (+door deletion fix)
- Race booster (keeps them placeable anywhere on planet as in Beyond 2.14)
- Race ramp (keeps them placeable anywhere on planet as in Beyond 2.14)
- Teleporter

You can now enjoy your clean new parts.

History :
v2.4 : updated for Expeditions 3.34
v2.3 : updated for Companions 3.21
v2.2 : updated for Next Generation 3.13
v2.1 : updated for Next Generation 3.10
v2.0 : updated for Origins 3.05
v1.9 : updated for Origins 3.02
v1.8 : updated for Desolation 2.62
v1.7 : updated for Desolation 2.6
v1.6 : updated for (2020-06-11) 2.51 game update
v1.5 : updated for Exo Mech 2.41
v1.4 : updated for Living Ship 2.32
v1.3 : updated for Synthesis 2.24
v1.2 : updated for Synthesis 2.23
v1.1 : increased landing pad bottom and top carving by 3m to fix the gap created under them, prevented landing pad deletion to also remove doors
v1.0 : initial Beyond release

Compatibility : 
Click here to check if this mod is compatible with latest game version
- This mod can't be used along any other mod modifying METADATA\REALITY\TABLES\BASEBUILDINGTABLE.MBIN file
- Anyway a .lua file is also provided if you want to merge this mod with any other mod written for AMUMSS (and you can easily merge this mod with Better Build Menu placing both the Dig out .lua script and the Better Build Menu .pak file in AMUMSS Modscript folder and running buildmod.bat)