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Spent countless hours perfecting the infamous Low-Flight mod. You can now aim your ship straight down. Fixed reticle movement when low to the ground and also fixed the Freighter's "Invisible Wall" when trying to land. Incredible maneuverability, and increased speed.

Permissions and credits

Thanks to RaYRod for his input: Turns out the changes Hello Games made to the ship steering/handling only affect mouse and keyboard
users. Gamepad users will have the full benefit of this mod's handling and maneuverability.


I uploaded a new collection. The faster versions have been changed to have slightly slower planet flight acceleration. And I have yet
to find a way to increase the handling speeds :(

 I added a "Placeholder" mod for people to try while I figure out what to do with this mod, now that Hello Games removed values that dealt with
ship steering sensitivity. So now there is only ONE file needed to run this mod.

V2.0 :
The secondary portion of this mod is now rightfully updated.
As well as the Warp Shake Fix. But the main mod is still a work in progress, so don't judge
the mod prematurely, as there's still a lot that has to be updated.

V1.35 version released. To start, the speeds may not be perfect. For now it'll have to do until I
get home and can test the new changes myself. Special thanks to Guizin239 for helping me test some.

Fixed a mistake where I packed a modded movement speeds  GCPLAYERGLOBALS.GLOBAL file into
the vanilla version of the secondary flight .pak.

Fixed a mistake where I packed a  GCPLAYERGLOBALS.GLOBAL file into
one of the main flight choices.

-Fixed an issue with .pak's missing.
-Added fully functioning REVERSE, for both space and planet flights.

Updated for Atlas Rises (It's a work in progress, so some features WILL be improved in the near future)
 I came up with a new approach to handling the way the ship ,well, handles. It uses another file so for this update
you'll have to choose between a vanilla file, or one with speed increases to walk,sprint, and swim.

  In order to get the full benefits of this mod, you must install BOTH .pak's .

One modifies GCSPACESHIPGLOBALS.GLOBAL file and the other modifies GCPLAYERGLOBALS.GLOBAL file.

Choose only ONE .pak from each.


-Fixed planet-side flight values so that your speed from space flight doesn't continue through to the atmosphere. Now the ship will slow down with any over-speed (I liked it before but crashing into the surface of planets was inevitable, as well as caused you to move too fast, at times).

-You can now PULSE from any viable angle and leaving the atmosphere by pulsing is a lot easier. 

-INSTANT BOOST! Boosting has barely any warm-up time.

-Included is a Camera Fix Mod that increases the FOV slightly so that you can easily view all the equipment on your dashboard. In my fighter ship I could never see my speedometer unless boosting, but not any more! Also, is a fix for the CRAZY shake while using your PULSE jet. This modifies the file GCCAMERAGLOBALS.GLOBAL.MBIN. I have included a version that also works with my Ultimate ExoCraft Mod

-Added X2 Roll Speed to all Files

-Included ALL Low-Flight Normal Modes in ONE download: Will upload V1.2 Minimal Contact Modes soon.

-Made some other minor adjustments.

These mods are prefaced with MOD1:
Added another 3 choices, by adding a X2 "Vanilla" Speed versions.
Changed Braking Values for Space Flight: made it easier to brake on the faster versions
Fixed Hover choices. Now you can reverse in space and hover on planets, like you'd expect.

These mods are prefaced with MOD2:
Added another download under Optional. This version is the same as the other, except you cannot hit the terrain or other objects, unless going really fast. You basically hover above the ground by a few meters or so.

Also added a X 1.5 Vanilla Speed Version, under Main Files.


Mod Info, NMS V1.37

   Spent HOURS testing and re-testing to get, what I believe, is the Ultimate Low-Flight Mod.  This mod makes traversing obstacles a BREEZE! And ship to ship battles much more fluid. It may take a bit of getting used to, if you're used to the vanilla controls.

- Reversing on planet, as well as underwater flying.

- "Auto Brake" is removed, so you can actually coast

- Controls are much more nimble, be it flying or boosting (not as nimble as it once was, but better than vanilla, and still a work in progress).

- You can now easily maneuver your ship to look straight down at the ground, with full and smooth motion for the bottom half 180°

- Cockpit no longer shifts downwards while reversing/stopping

- Camera/Movement no longer speeds up while reversing

- Cockpit no longer swings extra wide when reversing.

- Planet info (planet name, distance, time to reach) now appears from just past the clouds, instead of completely outside of planet

- +75% increased pulse speed 

- Boosting has barely any warm-up time.

- Dashboard "proximity alert/damping alert" is set to only go off when looking at the ground, and it's time displayed is lowered.

- The "proximity alert" range is set much closer for the Freighter surface.

- Also, when trying to land in a freighter, you will no longer hit that "invisible wall". There was a value set too high by Hello Games, making your ship maintain an unrealistic distance from the surface of the freighter. This results in some minor "clipping", as some objects on the freighter have no collision.

 Not too important since V1.37: Make sure your Flight Sensitivity isn't set too high in the games settings. And if you're, on the off chance, using a modified NMS_REALITY_GCTECHNOLOGYTABLE.MBIN file and ALSO have the value "Ship_Maneuverability" modded, that may make this mod's steering feel too sensitive, that particular value makes the ship handling more responsive with each upgrade of the Pulse Drive. More than likely it's not modified even if you have a modified NMS_REALITY_GCTECHNOLOGYTABLE.MBIN file.


All versions modify GCSPACESHIPGLOBALS.GLOBAL.MBIN, so they won't be compatible with any other mod that also modifies that file.


 You can also take a look at another mod I made that makes auto-landing on a freighter much better.You don't need the "invisible Wall Fix" found there                                                 because it's already included in this Low-Flight mod. Pairs nicely with this mod:


and also try my mod Landing Zones Auto-Land Range x2 -Pathfinder, which also allows LOWER auto-landings:


And if you're using the faster speed options, you may notice the terrain doesn't render fast enough while boosting..this is a limitation of the game itself.If it really bothers you, I suggest trying a mod by Lo2K , especially the "terrain only" mod that I helped with. Found here:



 (For Atlas Rises V1.35 and lower), it's only 3 Seperate Versions, My Choice (Fastest), Vanilla Speeds, and X2 Speeds- with 2 choices each: Impact or No Impact.

-The No Impact versions only pertain to terrain/plant impacts. You can still receive impact
damage from asteroids and other rarer sources

-The Sprint Walk and Swim increased versions in the secondary portion of this mod, is
the speed improvements found in my other mod found here

 Walk- Sprint- Swim Speed Increased-PLUS STAMINA USAGE -(Pathfinder or Atlas Rises) 

-The Vanilla version in the secondary portion of this mod has only the
improved ship controls added to it

Also added is an optional file for removing Pulse Shake:

- Vanilla version is just the pulse shake removed
-Ultimate Vehicle version has the pulse shake and camera changes I made
for another mod of mine found here:

  Ultimate Vehicle -ExoCraft- Mod (Pathfinder or Atlas Rises)

-The optional Pulse Shake Remover is a modified GCCAMERAGLOBALS.GLOBAL.MBIN, this will conflict an any other mod that also modifies it.


  Installation :
  Pick any ONE file (MOD1 through MOD1db in the Normal Mode, or MOD2 through MOD2db in No Contact Mode) to use. You can only run one
 instance of these mods, nothing bad'll happen, the game will only recognize one of the mods and not the other.

For example: To get Low-Flight, Faster Speed, and Reverse use: _MOD1_Ultimate.Low.Flight.Mod.JovianStone.pak*      
                                                   They're all labeled in individual folders.

 1) Unzip the download using 7zip, WinRar, or whatever suits your fancy.

2) Place any ONE file "_MOD(X)_XXXXXXXXXX.JovianStone.pak" in your \No Man's Sky\GAMEDATA\PCBANKS\MODS folder
 (Create a Mods folder if one doesn't exist)

 3) Delete or rename the file DISABLEMODS.txt found in the PCBANKS folder

  Uninstall :
 Delete the file "_MOD(X)_XXXXXXXXXX.JovianStone.pak"