No Man's Sky
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Changes to base boundaries, cable lengths, and building restrictions.

Permissions and credits
NOTE: I have changed how the mod is packed. You now select from two different files, Boundary and Items. You can mix and match them however you choose.

Game Updates
While the game is being updated, there may be two zip files available, PUBLIC and EXPERIMENTAL for use with their respective branches on Steam. Check the version numbers to make sure you are getting the right version!

There are several versions of GBase you can choose from, all in one zip file. They are described below so you can pick which version is best for you. You should use one Boundary file and one Items file.

gBase Boundary (GCBuildingGlobals.Global.MBIN)
gBase Boundary 2k
  • Initial base boundary decreased to 50u to make settlement placement easier
  • Maximum base boundary increased from 1,000u to 2,000u radius
  • Bumping out the base boundary one time extends it all the way to the 2,000u limit
  • Teleport cable length increased from 200u to 4,000u
  • Electricity wire length increased from 200u to 4,000u
  • Supply pipe length increased from 400u to 4,000u
  • Increased scaling range from (1/4 - 3x) to (1/10 - 5x).

gBase Boundary 5k and 20k
  • Same as gBase Boundary 2k, but boundary and connection limits have been increased further to 5/10k and 20/40k.

gBase Items (BaseBuildingTable.MBIN)
gBase Items Basic (BaseBuildingTable.MBIN)
  • All items can be built anywhere
  • (Note, Message Modules are limited to 2 per region to avoid abuse. A handful of other items can't be built outside of a base to prevent problems with quest progression or because they simply don't work without a base)
  • No region, base, or planet quantity restrictions
  • All items can change color and material
  • When deleted, items do not delete attached items
  • No collision restrictions on item placement
  • All items can be freely rotated
  • All items can be freely scaled
  • Biofuel reactor storage decreased so it doesn't take all your available carbon every time
  • Biofuel energy production increased
  • Freighter base power increased to be truly limitless, as originally intended

gBase Items 2x and 10x
  • Same as GBase Items Basic, but power, extraction, and storage rates are all multiplied by 2 or 10.

gBase Items EM Anywhere
  • Same as GBase Items Basic, but EM Generators do not need a hotspot and produce 250 power.

gBase Items EM Anywhere 2x and 10x
  • Same as GBase Items EM Anywhere, but power, extraction, and storage rates are all multiplied by 2 or 10.

gBase Items Minimalist
This is intended for people that don't want to build farms.
  • Same as GBase Basic, but power, extraction, and storage rates are all multiplied by 10.
  • Solar Panel gains a built-in 5x battery
  • Limit of 1 generator/extractor per hotspot
  • Limit of 5 storage silos per base

gBase Items - No Delete
  • Disables automatic deletion of attached items.

gBase Items - Freighter Power
  • Makes freighter power truly limitless. Usually only needed for large freighter farms

Special thanks to gohirro, Spiritz666, and Exosolar for inspiration and examples.

You can find information about and links to all my mods, files affected by each of my mods, instructions for installing mods, and instructions for extracting LUA files here: