No Man's Sky
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Changes to base boundaries, cable lengths, game start location, solar panels, batteries, storage silos, and building restrictions.

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There are a lot of mods that increase base boundaries, but I wanted to add some other things to the same files, so here is another mod in that genre. Sincere thanks to gohirro for making the first one I ever used, which I see was just updated by Spiritz666. I've also added a lot of features that I originally got from Exosolar's Beyond Basebuilding, so big thanks to him as well.

Mod Featurs (Main Version)
GBase x.x Boundary (GCBuildingGlobals.Global.MBIN)
  • Teleport cable length increased from 200u to 2,000u
  • Electricity wire length increased from 200u to 2,000u
  • Supply pipe length increased from 400u to 2,000u
  • Initial base boundary increased to 1,000u radius
  • Bumping out the boundary works in increments of 200u
  • Maximum base boundary is 2,000u radius
GBase x.x Items (BaseBuildingTable.MBIN)
  • All items can be built anywhere
  • No region, base, or planet quantity restrictions
  • All items can change color and material
  • When deleted, items do not delete attached items
  • No collision restrictions on item placement
  • All items can be freely rotated
  • All items can be freely scaled
  • Solar Panel output increased 2x
  • Solar Panel gains a built-in 1x battery
  • Solar Panels can be picked up, like Save Beacons
  • Stand-alone battery storage increased 4x
  • Storage Silo storage increased 7x
  • Message Modules have a limit of 2/region and can be picked up
  • Comm Centers disabled because they are buggy as hell
  • Personal (Long-range) Teleporter power rate lowered to 0 (so you can use it on a freighter, outbound only)
  • EM Generators can be placed anywhere, generating 200 power regardless of hotspots (EM Anywhere version in optional files)

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