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★ Updated for NMS Echoes 4.44 to 4.45, and LUA scripted ★ Multiple PAK files to remove trade routes, metrics lines, space dust, plasma, reduce or remove speed lines, revamp asteroid fields, make space darker
Built with MBINCompiler v4.43.0

Permissions and credits
As this mod is Lua scripted, you can easily update, merge or tweak the mod yourself. —*See the AMUMSS guide at the bottom of the page.

Mod description
With this mod you can remove from space:
  • Trade routes lines. —* It makes them invisible
  • Metrics lines. —* Vertical white lines in front of the ship at pulse speed
  • Space dust.
  • Pulsating plasma.
  • Reduce or entirely remove speed lines. —* Choose one of the two PAK files, see "CSO files" below
  • Speed Lines Reduced: no speed line at cruise speed, less at boost and pulse speed.

Asteroid Fields Overhaul :
  • Asteroid drawing distance dramatically increased. —* No performance impact with a GTX 970
  • Much less asteroids in space.
  • More space between each asteroid, and asteroid fields.
  • The shape of asteroid fields is flatter.
  • Area without asteroid around planets is bigger. —* Asteroids start to fade in after being out of atmosphere, no more pop-in.
  • More resources in asteroids, and Anomaly Detectors will drop more to compensate. —* x3, can be easily customized at the top of the script
Pulse speed is now more pleasant and feels more natural, but if you run out of Tritium with no field in sight you'll may have to search for a bit longer. —* 1~3 mins on average at boost speed from my experience

Darker Space :
  • This plugin keeps the original space color palette, but makes it less intense (around -60%). —* See the screenshots gallery
  • Color intensity modifiers can be easily customized at the top of the corresponding script.
  • If you want a pure black space, please try this excellent mod by Lo2k: Black Space.

Simply choose the PAK file(s) that fits your needs.

This mod was inspired by Clean Space SYNTHESIS by Paletizma, SpeedLines Overhaul by Erazil, Asteroid Reduction -- ORIGINS by HennesyM, Exosolar's Asteroid Ribbons by Exosolar.
Many thanks to them for their inspiring work.

Installing any No Man's Sky Mod

CSO files

CSO [No Speed Lines].pak
* Choose this one or CSO [Speed Lines Reduced].pak
Modified file(s):

CSO [Speed Lines Reduced].pak
* Choose this one or CSO [No Speed Lines].pak
Modified file(s):

CSO [Asteroid Fields Overhaul].pak
Modified file(s):

CSO [Darker Space].pak
Modified file(s):

CSO [Invisible Trade Routes Lines].pak
Modified file(s):

CSO [No Metrics Lines].pak
Modified file(s):

CSO [No Pulsating Plasma].pak
Modified file(s):

CSO [No Space Dust].pak
Modified file(s):

How to update, tweak, combine, or patch the mod with AMUMSS?
As this mod is Lua scripted, you can easily update, tweak or merge the mod yourself (if a game update breaks this PAK of the mod, or you have other PAK or Lua mods that could conflict with this one). —*Click on the spoiler below for more