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Increases the ship and visor scans to find buildings.
Compatible with NMS "ECHOES" Expedition Eleven v.4.43 ( Steam's Build 12069674 ).

Permissions and credits
As i was missing "Better Ship Scanner" i decided to update it for BEYOND.

So feeling tired of looking for points of interest, flying or walking around,
then it might just be what you've been hoping for since NEXT.

Increased the scanner's range ( x 8 ), from spaceship and visor,
so the unknown building's icon ( x 2 ) should pop up more often.



Compatible with NMS "ECHOES" Expedition Eleven v.4.43 ( Steam's Build 12069674 ).

3xperimental branch is not supported !

Modified File :

Won't be compatible with other Mods modifying the same file, like "Base Boundary Plus for Synthesis" for instance,
unless you download one of the Merged Files provided in the "Optional Files" (x5 & x10)..

A .lua file is provided in "Miscellaneous Files" and in each variation to be merged with any other Mod using "AMUMSS".

To merge Mods with "AMUMSS" it's real easy !

First of all install/update your .NET to the latest 5.0 Desktop :
(at the time i'm writing this it's ".NET Desktop Runtime 5.0.17")

You would have to choose a lua file from the Mod you'd want to merge and one from BBS,
put them both in the "ModScript" AMUMSS' folder, run "BUILDMOD.bat", answer Y(es) to the first 2 questions
and whatever you want for the last ones, then get the pak file in "CreatedModPAKs",
to use instead of the ones coming from our two Mods
(that can be renamed to whatever).

For more details or updated ones check out "How to use AMUMSS".

That merge needs to be done again every time a Mod is updating !

Updating the Mod (in case i'm not around to do so)
is the same process as above with only one of our .lua file instead of two or more.


Optional Files :

As of 10/15 i made two merged files for users wanting to use "Base Boundary Plus" with my Mod.

A "Merged BBS And BBP x5" & "Merged BBS And BBP x10"
A .lua file is provided as well for this merges in the .zip files.

Thanks an Credit goes to "Gohirro" for allowing me to do so.


Installation Instructions :

Manually :

Put the "_MOD_Better_Buildings_Scans.pak" file which is inside the archive (.zip) in your
InstallPath\No Man's Sky\GAMEDATA\PCBANKS\MODS folder.
(Or "_MERGED_BBS_BBPx5(or x10).pak" for those using one of the merged files).

If that doesn't exist, create it ("MODS" not Mods or mods or whatever, it's case sensitive and uppercase is the rule).


Via Vortex (Nexus new Mod Manager) :

Just click on the "Mod Manager Download" button.

In any case:

- Delete, remove or rename the file DISABLEMODS.txt from the PCBANKS folder -


Uninstallation :

Such an awful thing to do...
Delete the "_MOD_Better_Buildings_Scans.pak" from your MODS folder, or
Disable/Uninstall and Remove via Vortex.
That's it. Bye Bye ! ;)


Credit :

Thanks to monkeyman192 for keeping updating his great tool "MBINCompiler".
Thanks to all members of the No Man's Sky Modding Discord Channel for their help and insight.
Big shout out to Babscoole for helping me updating this Mod !

All Credit goes to TheJughead AKA apollo141 with my Thanks as well for releasing this Mod in the first place.