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Changes around the buildings detected by Distress and Alien Planetary Charts so they make more sense and are less annoying.

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NOTE: This mod has been confirmed to break stuff with the Desolation update that came out shortly after NMS killed my laptop (heat death). I am sorry I cannot update, but until I get a gaming tower that can handle the temperatures, I will not be able to reinstall or run NMS.

If anyone wants to take up the mantle and make it work for Desolation, you have full permission to use whatever you need from this mod page and release the update under your own account, as I cannot provide any support at the moment.


In my Survival Scavenger playthrough, I rely heavily on crashed ships because I don't allow myself to buy any ships. It annoyed me that the Distress Signal Planetary Chart kept giving me stupid Abandoned Buildings that have no place there, so I changed a couple of things about the star charts.


  • "Distress Signal" Planetary Charts can now detect Distress Signals with or without NPC, Crashed Freighters, and Transmission Towers. (Previously they could also detect Abandoned Buildings and Observatories for some reason, but no Transmission Towers.)
  • "Ancient Artifact Site" Planetary Charts can now detect Observatories and Abandoned Buildings in addition to Plaques, Monoliths, and Ruins.
  • The other two Planetary Chart types have not been changed, as I felt that unlike the ones I changed, they covered what they advertised.

Technical Stuff

This mod edits METADATA/REALITY/TABLES/REWARDTABLE.MBIN. That is a rather central file, so check for mod conflicts.


1) Download ZIP file.
2) Extract ZIP file.
3) Place .pak file in your /steamapps/common/No Man's Sky/GAMEDATA/PCBANKS/MODS folder. If it doesn't exist, create the folder first.
4) If not done already, rename /GAMEDATA/PCBANKS/ENABLEMODS.txt to something else so the game will actually activate mods in the MODS folder.
5) Profit!!!

The Readme file contains a more specific overview of the changes I've made, but it is in no way necessary for the mod to work. All that matters is the .pak file.