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This mod increases your starship flight speed, turn rate and adds reverse.
Landing circles are red if not able to land, and green to land as usual. Landing adjustments
since you fly faster. Cruise control to unboosted flight speeds and loot range increase.

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Yes, another one. I am well aware there are others out there of similar effects, but
I re-balanced the ideas to suit my preferences, perhaps this will work for you as well.
Updated with MBINCompiler 2.22.0-pre4 for Synthesis 2.22.

-Doubled the flight speed from default values on planets, in space and in combat.
-Tripled the boost speed from default values on planets and in space.
-Reverse is possible on planets and in space. 
-Increased turn rate by 1.5x since I found double or more caused too much reduction in accuracy.
-Tripled landing speed maximum (80 to 240) since you are moving much faster now. 
-Reduced the ship inclination when you land, should remain fairly level now.
-Changed invalid landing state on landing pads to be red instead of blue for more contrast.
-Doubled Ship trail brightness and doubled the speed required for them to appear.

2.22 Update: Adjusted for Synthesis. Increased valid docking distance 50%, and 50% warp speed 
     and 50% thrust, and 10x space looting range.
2.16 Update: Now adds cruise control to standard flight speeds (not boost speeds).
2.15-1.01 Update: Increased trail initiation speed to 240 to match landing minimum speed and
returned the brightness to default values to adjust for user observations (Thanks LisbethSAO!).
Files effected in this MOD are:
Installation, as always:
1) Create the MODS folder within  ...No Mans Sky\GAMEDATA\PCBANKS if it does not exist.
2) Unzip and copy the "ZRatCraft - Flight Modifications 2.15.pak" file to the MODS folder.
3) Rename or delete the DISABLEMODS.TXT file if it exists.
4) Start the game and fly like a bat out of hell.