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Step Modifications is a community-driven organization providing and maintaining modding-related how-to guides. Here, we present our Fallout 4 guide.

Permissions and credits
Step Modifications - Fallout4 Guide
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Step Modifications is an extensive project gathering and bringing together information from across the community in the form of extensible modding and "how-to" guides. These are step-by-step guides to enhancing games with a focus on quality and performance over quantity. Step tries to stay as close to the 'vanilla' experience as possible, while addressing game bugs, improving visual quality, and correcting game-play mechanics. Our users should always expect an enhanced rendition of the game's original concept and mechanics when following one of our guides.

The Guide

This is our official guide for Fallout 4, offering all that is needed to build out an enhanced vanilla experience. The Step mod list and patches are always extensively tested to ensure a stable and sensible game with performance/quality options at user discretion. Having gone through extensive testing, we're happy to present version 1.0.

  • Mesh, texture, sound, quest, and game mechanics bug fixes
  • High resolution texture mods consistent with vanilla style
  • Weapon and armor crafting and improvements using DankRafft's ECO Redux and New Equipment Overhaul
  • User interface and item sorting revamped using m8r98a4f2's incredible FallUI series
  • Large collection of new settlement crafting items
  • Additional settlements at sensible locations
  • Usage of advanced patching tools such as Complex Item Sorter and Synthesis
  • Full instructions for generating LOD to perfectly match the Guide
  • Lighting and weather improvements provided as an optional section of the Guide
  • Conflict resolution patches
  • No broken previsibines

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The Step Guide Mandate
Step Modding Guides
Step offers complete, stand-alone modding guides for our supported games. These guides are intended to be a complete, 'Step-modded' setup for each of their games. In addition to adding upon the visual and acoustic enhancements of a vanilla game, Step Modding Guides modify aspects of gameplay mechanics and may include mods that add or subtract specific functionality to yield an overall more immersive experience.

Step Guides are about ...
  • ... bug fixes and corrections to malfunctioning aspects of the vanilla games.
  • ... HD asset replacements in the style of the vanilla game (or as close a representation as possible).
  • ... improvements to existing content that increase the consistency of the vanilla game.
  • ... interface mods that improve the menus and UI for the PC.
  • ... tweaks that improve consistency in gameplay or meet realistic expectations of intended game features.
  • ... new content, assets, and effects that are consistent with the game's style and lore, as established by Bethesda's creators and extrapolated on by the STEP community in accordance with resources:
  • ... continuity and qualitative consistency of all in-game behaviors and assets (i.e., sounds, textures, models, gameplay, etc.)

Step Guides are NOT about ...
  • ... sex mods, body replacement mods, or beauty mods that unrealistically affect or digress from the ambiance and style of the vanilla game.
  • ... sound replacement mods that digress from the game's vanilla ambience.
  • ... texture mods that significantly deviate from the game's original visual style.
  • ... mods that are only required for a specific user base (i.e., a mod that fixes UI issues but only for users running at 4K)

User Contributions
How YOU Can Help

Step Modifications is always looking for volunteers willing to help out. We need help at many levels from mod suggestions and testing to forums management and release coordination. Please jump over to the Step Community forums and PM any of the staff there ... or just jump into the mix and help out as you are able.