No Man's Sky
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Various adjustments to camera-related values.

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Note: The number of different versions was making it difficult to keep this updated. I have changed the download to all versions in one zip file. Choose only one version for your MODS folder.

This mod adjusts several values in the GcCameraGlobals file. This will conflict with any mod that adjusts the same file. The great Improved Cameras mod by Azzinoth has been incorporated to avoid conflicts ( If Azzinoth comes back, I will gladly hand over all my changes and let them have it all!

From Gumsk:
  • Ground Photo Mode range extended from 100u to 9999u.
  • Space Photo Mode range extended from 200u to 9999u.
  • Build camera range extended from 60u to 9999u.
  • Photo Mode movement speed increased from 11 to 25.
  • Frigate interaction range increased from 650 to 2000u.
  • Frigate purchase interaction range increased from 500u to 2000u.
  • Removed transition flashes from analysis visor, vehicles, photo mode, and model viewer.
  • There are variations for no shake, centered or offset, and turbo speed (really fast photo and building camera for long distances).

From Azzinoth's Improved Camera mod:
    • Centered third person camera
    I moved the camera slightly above the characters head, such that you can still aim with your reticle in all directions and even on the ground before you. Otherwise the character would block your view in centered third person. I also moved the camera further back. (Alternative version with non-centered camera offset or combat zoom available)
    • Consistent camera position
    By default the game uses different camera settings for every action or movement. When you start running the camera moves a little bit up and back, when you draw your multitool the camera moves a lot closer et cetera. This results in a lot of unnecessary camera movement, which I don't like. This mod changes the camera to always use the same settings, except indoors. 
    • No camera lag
    By default the camera lags behind the character, which is most visible when moving sideways. Thats probably supposed to make the camera movement smoother when you start walking, but i don't like it. When you stop moving the camera continues to move to catch up with your character. This often throws your reticle off if you are targeting an item or enemy, for which you have to correct with your mouse. The camera feels much more responsive now.
  • Increased maximum vertical rotation limits, such that you can look straight up and down
  • Removed white flash when enabling analysis visor Not working, will try to fix it.
  • Removed screen shaking while running, mining and warping
  • Exploding plants now only shake camera if you actually take damage
  • Spaceship camera maximum free look rotation increased from 15 to 180 degrees
  • Moved fighter camera slightly up, such that your ship doesn't block your own line of sight
  • Exocraft camera: Disabled automatic camera rotation when idle 
  • Improved exocraft camera positions

You can find information about and links to all my mods, files affected by each of my mods, instructions for installing mods, and instructions for extracting LUA files here: