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Causes better base sites to be discoverable via the Secure Site planetary charts. These will be large flat areas with a base computer in the center.

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There once was a mod called Easy Base Building.  The author made it for 2.12, updated it for 2.13 and then disappeared.  He does not respond to PM's and you can't even post on his mod.  His mod has been broken since 2.14.  I made a new version of the mod using AMUMSS and Lua.  The Lua script is available so that you can update it yourself if I ever disappear.  If XenonSurf ever resurfaces and objects to this mod, I'll remove it.

Now that that's out of the way, this is Better Base Sites.  If you buy/trade for a Planetary Chart for a Secure Site of Interest (the top option in trading with the Cartographer), it now has a chance of locating a Habitable (or Planetary) Base.  This base site is a large flat area with a base computer installed in the center.  Just walk up to it and claim the site.

Current versions are built with NMS Mod Builder and are easier to maintain across updates.  The .cs file for recompiling it is included in the PAK. Lua is temporarily archived as it is not compatible with 4.x.

Edits the following files: 

It will conflict with any mod that edits any of those files.