No Man's Sky

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Prof Horatio Hafnaugels

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Ground textures fix + water level fix + spawn delay reduction + farther LOD switch

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Works with Omega Update

Latest update didn't break compatibility with Fine LOD.
Have fun.

About Fine LOD

  • Fixes the low res / muddy / slow loading textures issue that shows when tessellation is enabled.
  • Fixes the water rendering too low when the view is over the surface.
  • Reduces the time taken to spawn rocks and flora around the player, making harder to 'outrun' them.
  • Greatly mitigates the annoying glitch of props fading out and then fading in again when flying close to the surface.
  • Increases LOD switching distances making high res models to appear sooner (works only if planet quality is set to ultra).
  • Slows down clouds.
  • Removes third party logos from startup screen.

Side effects

  • Slightly lower fps.


  • If you find the mod has an excessive impact on your framerate you can try to lower shadow quality or GTAO. Or both.
  • If the game complains about your drivers being outdated, update them.


This mod will conflict with any mod that changes these files: