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A massive mod that adds an all new story with hours of voiced dialogue, a new world, and multiple branching narrative paths. An Unofficial Prequel to New Vegas, launched from your Main Menu.

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  • Portuguese
  • Mandarin

This is a Mod for the PC Version of Fallout: New Vegas.
It adds an all new campaign selected from the New Game tab on your Main Menu.
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Alternate Languages:
Русский перевод от Falcon-Lair Team -- 100%
Brazilian Portuguese --  23%
简体中文汉化 -- 65%
ESPAÑOL -- >50%
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In Fallout: New California you play as the kid from Vault 18. Orphan. Loner. Mutant. On the last big night of the Vault Ball season in 2260, you make a fateful decision that will change the course of your life -- and eventually the future of the New California Republic.

Vault 18 is at the heart of the California Wasteland high in the San Bernardino Mountains, and it's legendary Wasteland Scouts have managed to keep its secrets safe for decades despite the wars raging beyond the great door. In their old age, the Scouts have created a new generation to take their place... if their rebellious adopted kids survive the Enclave threat brewing within their own ranks.

You will face the New California Republic under president Wendell Peterson, the New Reno Mob's Bishop Family, the remnant Shi Clans, The Enclave Leonidas Squadron, the Super Mutant Army, and the bloodthirsty Raider Alliance that have banded together in the remote Athens-Tec Uranium Mine off the Long I-15.

Through them all you'll choose your path from SPECIAL dialog options, acquired PERKs, and travel with 8 possible companions depending on your choices. You'll enjoy two new radio stations with unique music, hours of voice acting, and professional grade presentation.

There is always another path to take in New California. But War? War never changes.


An Alternate Start in Vault 18 with a New Player Character and Main Quest.
A New Intro Video to really give it that "New Game" feeling.
An Ornate Main Quest Line with Compelling Side Quests rich in Fallout & Character Lore.
Hours of Voice Acting recorded at pro-quality in Radian-Helix Media's Tucson, Az Studio.
A Very Large Worldspace in California - The Black Bear Mountain National Forest.
An Epic War between The Super Mutants, The Raider Alliance, The Enclave, and The New California Republic.
A Pirate Radio Station DETH 981 with 2 New DJs and Quest + Crafting + Perk Unlocking Segments.
A News Radio Station called NCRPR - New California Republic Radio - with quest updates in the News.
6 Potential Human Companions and 2 Robot Companions available depending on player choices.


Chapter 1

New California tells the story of your player character, an adopted resident of Vault 18, on the night of the last big Vault-Ball game of the season. The consequences of your player’s decision to dodge or tackle Johnny Matheson shapes the rest of their life, unlocking alternate paths through the Vault's political and cultural divide. When the war finally reaches the Vault after one prominent figure turns out to be a member of the Enclave, a civil war erupts overnight, forcing the player to pick a side and escape into the wasteland with their rag-tag party of Robots and Friends.

Chapter 2

Set in 2260, the main three factions in San Bernardino have been involved in factional fencing matches for the last 20 years following the NCR-Enclave War, and the Vault 13 Dweller’s defeat of the Master 100 years earlier.

The Survivalist Raiders are the last hold-outs in the California territory, refusing to be absorbed into the massive federal government they see as a threat to their isolated independence and military dictatorship. Cobbled together out of the remains of the various hostile tribes destroyed by the NCR, Boss Elsdragon, their leader, holds a tight regimental order over his confederation.

The New California Republic moved into the Cajon Pass in obedience of the New Reno Mob several years ago, capturing the Raiders’ crop producing lands in Union City. Hoping to use I-15 to expand their power towards Nevada, their leader, General Silverman, must first secure their war ravaged boarders, or face economic collapse at the meddling hands of Senator Nevile DuVille.

Your player character stumbles into this conflict after narrowly escaping Vault 18’s destruction. From there, they must find a way to survive in the aftermath when all 3 factions, each with a history of dealing with Vault 18’s Wasteland Scouts, seek out the player in order to use their knowledge, capture a lost experiment, or exact revenge for past crimes.


Download the files on Nexus.
Unzip the files to your desktop.
Use our 221 EXE to install and/or update!

Step 1

All you need to get started is:

And that's it. You're ready! We have OPTIONAL recommended mods. Very few incompatibilities.

Step 2

Download New California BETA 220.

Put the files on your hard drive.

Extract the 7zip Archive to your hard drive.

Run the EXE. Follow the steps on screen.

IF YOU GET A CORRUPT DOWNLOAD OR HAVE SLOW INTERNET, Use this Torrent: here, in the Top Pinned Comment.

Step 3

Open your mod manager.

Make sure NewCalifornia.exe is checked like so:

FalloutNV.esm ✓
(Official DLC) ✓
FalloutNewCalifornia.esm ✓
(FNC DLC Control Plugins) ✓
(all other mods)

If you have the DLC, make sure those are checked as well.



Very few incompatibilities doesn't mean none! Check the list!


Step 4

Launch from your mod manager!

And you're ready. Go play.


I. How do I install this mod?

There is a helpful guide above, it's just a quick set up process.

Just upzip the file to your desktop, load the EXE, and follow the instructions.

Can I install it manually?

Not any more. If you want Mod Organizer 2 Instructions visit this link. Then, just run the installer.

The ini changes just inject 1 line, so any ini chages you already have will be unaffected. Just run the installer.

This will not affect your other mods. Uninstall using the EXE in your Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Features "add remove programs."

The 4GB Patch our installer applies will not harm a GOG vesrion, or any other 4GB Patch, or whatever you did to your exe.

II. Does this mod require any other mods, DLCs, etc?

No. We do have a short Recommended Mods List if you want your game to look like our screenshots and videos, but those are optional.

III. How do I start New California?

New California is started from the New Game Menu!!
Your New Vegas save games will be totally unaffected.

IV. So, this is like what, a DLC?

More like a new campaign. New California runs in the New Vegas engine but it is not set in New Vegas (it's set in New California at a place called The Pass many years before Fallout 3 and New Vegas.) At the end we will allow you to continue as the Courier (or not) in BETA 220. We have a new worldspace not connected to the Mojave and our own independent story made from scratch. All new textures, meshes, basically a separate game.

How long is it?

How many hours? Depending on your choices and play-style, anywhere from 6-8 hours to 15-30 hours if you're a completionist, and because of there are so many branches and hidden opportunities it's extremely replayable. There are 13 endings total, many of which are radically different stories start to finish.

How big is the map?

Very large. About 2/3rds of New Vegas.

Is there voice acting?

There are 16,942 lines of dialogue. 14,877 of which are voiced by characters and non-repeating from 60 volunteer voice actors.

How many quests are there?

48. And that may be a lie, there are a lot more that simply aren't distinct because they emerge as you play. We try to document them all here.

V. Will this break my existing save game or all my mods?

No. We have A List of Incompatible Mods and it is very short. Your New Vegas save will be fine and totally unaffected. It requires starting a new game.

VI. I can't seem to get New California to start. Help?

I can't seem to get New California to start. Help?!

A -- I installed everything correctly and New Vegas crashes on startup!

You sure? Check your load order.
Run like this:

FalloutNV.esm ✓
NewCalifornia.esm ✓

See if it runs now.
If not, you may have something else wrong with your installation of New Vegas. Check our discord Help channel.


THEN, Install your favourite mods on top of it.
Remember, New California is HUGE! It's basically a new game!
If you got a new game, would you expect your old mods to work on it? No.
Re-install New Vegas, or install a new copy somewhere, or make an MO2 profile. Then, experiment with mods.

B -- I installed everything correctly and clicked New Game and nothing happens!

Did you install New Vegas clean, no mod, and run the exe and an administrator?
Are you use it installed to the right folder?
Are you sure it installed to the right MO2 mod profile? (See the MO2 instructions above.)

C -- I installed everything correctly and clicked New Game, saw the video, Tackle or Dodge, and Crashed entering the Atrium! (or Black Screen)

You don't have 8GB of RAM in your system, and need a PC with more memory.

VII. The Atrium runs at a really low FPS... So does Union City and Athens-Tec.

There are a few fixes for this if it really bothers you:
#1 -- Don't look directly into the middle of the map from the Gym Hallway and it'll go away. Just get past it.
#2 -- ENB does this on poorly optimized hardware. If your PC runs New Vegas at 60fps, it'll run this okay. Rudy ENB's latest beta is best.
#3 -- If your PC is struggling with the High Resolution Pack, step back down to the Low Res Pack.
#4 -- Follow this video made by Gamer Poets.

VIII. Can I get to California from the Mojave?


What if I use console commands?

Everything will break.

Can someone mod that in? I don't want to start a New Game.

FNC is almost a totally separate game, so its like asking to port your save from Mass Effect to Fallout 3.

IX. Can I get to the Mojave from California and continue my game after the ending?


We added this feature in BETA 231 in April 2020.

X. Is this compatible with....

Project Nevada?
Yes! I recommend it!

Solid Project?
Yes! I also recommend it!

Yes! Rudy ENB is what's in all our screenshots.
Keep in mind that our Fade to Black transitions don't work with ENBs, so that'll look awkward.

No really. If you try it then so so at your own risk, no one here or there will be willing to help you with problems you encounter.

The Frontier?
Yes. You can play FNC -> FNV -> FTF in one big long save game. (The more mods you have the higher the probability of corruption.)

My Menu Replacer (DARN UI, etc)?
If you want Revelation HUD, apply this mod here!
If you delete New California -- Menus.bsa in your DATA folder, our menus from SGhi.info vanish and you're good to go.
This is also true if you just don't like our menus replacer and want to go vanilla.

This Random Body Mod?
We use Vanilla body types. If you want Big Bouncing Lizard Tits and Centaur Vaginas, that is entirely up to you my friend.

All my 5,000 Weapon Mods?
Yes. Though they may not show up in our worldspace.

All my Combat and AI mods?
Yep. Should be just fine. Report them if they cause problems.

My custom Pip-boy 7 Billion?

We have a short Recommended Mods List.


We have A List of Incompatible Mods.

You might want to check those or report bugs to our #public-bug-reports channel on Discord. Or in the Nexus thread.

XI. Why the name change?

Project Brazil was a working title. New California is what our mod is about.

Did you know there is a board ga--

Yes. It is very cool. You should go buy it. Tell them the sale is from Thain, with love.

XII. Why did you make this game sized mod?

We wanted to learn how to make our own games. What better way is there than to make a game sized mod first?

XIII. Is this on consol?


XIV. Is this coming to Fallout 4?


How hard could it be to port--

VERY. VERY HARD. It would take many years.

But Fallout 4 New Vegas did--

VERY. VERY HARD. You should try it. Good luck!


Cast List:

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