About this mod

Patches NCR Trooper Overhaul and Fallout New California so the FNC NCR Troopers use NTO armors.

Permissions and credits
This mod alters the the NCR to use the armor from dragbody's mod NCR Trooper Overhaul. As such NCR Trooper level lists for armors have been changed where neeeded. 

This mod requires both Fallout New California as well as NCR Trooper Overhaul to run. 

This doesn't touch any armor stats just changes the level lists to use the NTO armor instead of the PB armors (except Silvermane as he is fine as he is). You can also run this with my other mod NCR Enclave Diversified - FNC. That mod makes minor corrections to the NCR lists by introducing NCR Power Armor both T-45d and T-51b to the elite troopers. You can also go and grab the FNC - PN mod to go along with the PN edition of this mod.

As a lot of NTO was designed to be run around ADAM (the mod that changes Ranger armors) a patch has been made to make the few Rangers that use the Ranger Patrol Armor use the meshes from ADAM Reborn. 

That is about it really.


3.2.1 - Changes the I-15 NCR Armors to be non-lootable (as the armors were made so in FNC 204+). 

3.2 - Made to be compatible with FNC 213. PN Standalone edition replaced with a PN patch to make any future changes much easier. Original mod did not touch NCR Elite Troopers but this one does. As such if you use NED - FNC make sure to load NED after this mod (to overwrite the changes made). I have started working on a revamp of the armor system in FNV. A TTW edition was created first (as that contains WAY more armors than basic FNV). Once I get a FNV standalone completed I will make a patch that converts this mod to use those stats (or makes it fall in line) to create a sense of continuity between the mods. I will be creating 3.2.1 at some point to reflect changes for the I15 battle in the lowered amount of NCR armor to be looted but as of right now the armor is lootable.

After a lot of tinkering with GECK and the NTO esp itself had to rebuild the NTO - FNC esp from the ground up to get proper implementation without causing duplication. For some reason when editing in GECK the NTO esp does not want to be listed as a master file for any mod based on it. This means the NTO - FNC esp has been rebuilt to remove conflicting formids with NTO which has manually been added as a master file for it. This allowed me to do a slight rework of the level lists as well. The screen shots above are really a small picture of how the armors will spawn in on the troopers. Certain sets get specific helmets and backpacks, but (trooper fatigues for instance) some will spawn in with any of the backpacks and any of the helmets. It should create quite a lot of variety within the NCR Troopers. Not sure I can post a screenshots of all the potential combinations.