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A simple little mod that allows access to the items of Fallout New California in the Mojave

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There's nothing fancy here,

This simple little mod adds all the items of 'Fallout New California' to the Mojave Wasteland, the items can be found at the Mojave 18 Base which is located at the Mojave Outpost (There is a Map Marker) in various named lockers. In order to use this mod you must have 'New California' installed as I do not include the assets as without it the lockers will appear but the content inside will not.

NEW UPDATE - Version 1.4a
This will be the primary version of this mod (That will be updated regular)

* In this version I have moved the Mojave 18 base into an Interior Cell for better performance and ease, It is still located at the Mojave Outpost
* I have began to evolve this mod, not only can all the 'New Cali' items be found at the base, there is now a camp of enclave soldiers that will    provide a challenge to obtain some of the Enclave Armors the fun way. 
* Made several more Outfits available and now playable.

About Version 1.3/New Cali V1.0
These versions will remain as optional files, there will be updates made to bugs if found, but will not be evolved and contain enemies and merchants, please consider these versions the 'Easy' edition as the items can be obtained with ease. [Again there will be no 'Combat' additions]

Hope this helps you just as it has helped me!

Thank you!

(NOTE- You Need Fallout New California Installed)