Fallout New Vegas

About this mod

Small config for the latest ENB libraries, providing good performance and, of course, stunning visuals :)
Night Vision compatible. Now with alpha version for Nevada Skies

Permissions and credits

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NEWS: 4.0 version for ENB 0.451. Updated to the latest ENB binaries. Added a brightness switch for the Interiors and for the Nights. Tweaked adaptation.

If you want, maybe , to say something like : Thank you :) and help keeping enb alive, you can support it: ENB Patreon - ENBSeries page

This and every other enb preset wouldn't be possible without ENBSeries and hard work of Boris Vorontsov!

Videos :

My video from version 0.267 (1.5), full HD at 60fps :


!!! Because I made few adjustments to the weather IT'S NOT COMPATIBLE WITH ANY WEATHER MODS !!!

Naturally you can try to run my mod, with Nevada Skies or Project Reality, just don't use my esp plugin, but I have no idea how it will
look :)

NIGHT VISION  code by Scegielski - "Enhanced ENB Night Vision"

- NIGHT VISION is off by default. To turn it on, enable "EENV Master Enable" and "EENV Night Vision Enable", in the ENB UI - the right panel - enbeffect.fx.
- If you see odd green fields covers your vision, when the game shows something very bright, for example an explosion or critical kill, you should calibrate NIGHT VISION. For the calibration instructions and help visit "Enhanced ENB Night Vision" .
- If you want to use THERMAL VISION or EMI VISION comment out these lines: #define ENABLE_THERMAL_VISION, #define ENABLE_EMI_VISION, in the enbeffect.fx file.

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- Download latest ENB , ( a black arrow at the bottom of the page ).
- Unzip it. Inside you will find two folders : "WrapperVersion" and "InjectorVersion".
- Copy only "d3d9.dll", "enbhost.exe", and "enblocal.ini" from "WrapperVersion" folder ( POSTING THE ENBSERIES BINARY FILES ON NEXUS SITES IS STRICTLY PROHIBITED ), into your Fallout New Vegas root directory ( usually: x:\program files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout New Vegas ).

- Download my mod.
- Extract it.
- Select all files from -> [ to Fallout New Vegas Folder ]
- Copy selected files into your Fallout New Vegas root directory.

- Edit enblocal.ini, or copy this ini file from my mod archive, into your Fallout New Vegas root directory.

- !!!IMPORTANT- To get the additional SMAA anti-aliasing to work (those files are related to this effect: d3d9_smaa.dll, injector.ini, SMAA.fx and SMAA.h), change the [PROXY] section in your enblocal.ini file. This section should looks like this:


- In the "injector.ini" file you can change the SMAA quality, is set to "ultra" by default.

- Remember -  everyone should adapt enblocal.ini it to own hardware !!! Enblocal.ini Guide

- I strongly recommend to use my WEATHER RUDY ENB.esp file with my presets, and attached textures for sun and sun glare.

Default keys:

Shift+Enter - ENB UI on/off
Shift+F12 - ENB effects off/on
Insert - Screenshot

A few remarks:

- don't enable Antialiasing in game video options or in video driver control panel.
- turn off "Steam Overlay" for FNV - right click on the game name in your library, choose "Properties" then uncheck the "Enable Steam Overlay" checkbox
- hdr must be enabled in game video options.

Make sure that In the "FalloutPrefs.ini" these lines (in the Display section) look exactly like this:

- iMultiSample=0
- bUseWaterDisplacements=0

- If you have problems with water, try to turn off "Water Displacement".
- If detailed shadows outlines can be seen through the weapons, try set "EnableAccumulativeAA" to false - Enblocal.ini file.
- Remember - "Mod Organizer" uses it's own fallout.ini and falloutprefs.ini.
- If you have any problems with the transparency of objects, especially in the "House Resort" (Camp Golf), try to disable FixTransparencyBugs, enblocal.ini, top window in the GUI.
- If you see odd green fields covers your vision, when the game shows something very bright, for example an explosion or critical kill, if you use EVE mod. Try to reduce the Night Vision Cal Offset for Day, Night and Interiors from -1.5 to -2.0 or even -3.0. GUI - right window - enbeffect.fx submenu.
- Some users have had problems with flickering light and heavy FPS drops - try to change "ExpandSystemMemoryX64", "ReduceSystemMemoryUsage" and "EnableCompression" to false in enblocal.ini.
- You can also try to change "EnableUnsafeMemoryHacks" to true, this can help with lag issues.
- Sometimes, if you encounter performance issues such as lags and crashes, try to set your audio device to 16-bit 48000Khz and set the audiocache to 8192Kb in the ini file.
- Windows 10 users - if enb binaries, d3d9.dll is crashing on startup, install - DirectX End-User Runtimes (June 2010)

!!! If you have serious problems with ENB, make sure that it works - you should see information about version of the ENBSeries and the graphics card in the upper left corner of the screen, when the game starts, and you should be able to see the GUI in the game, pressing shift+enter.
Some software - antiviruses, screen capturing tools, videocard monitoring or overclocking: Afterburner, D3D Overrider, EVGA, ATI Tray Tools, DXTory, Fraps, XFire, NVIDIA inspector, may be incompatible with wrapper version of ENBSeries, in this case use injector version or disable those utilities.
Sometimes you can experience problems with 4GB patch and ENBSeries !!!

For better visuals I recommend:

Additional Lens Textures by amoebae :

Lens Textures for ENB

ENB AO Hair Transparency Fix :

ENB Transparency Fix


NMCs Texture pack

OJO BUENO Texture pack
POCO BUENO Texture pack

MGs NCR Pack Ojo friendly

Wasteland Flora Overhaul


Mojave Nights

Enhanced Blood Textures

Weapons and Armors:



NV Book Of Water

Hall Of Equipment

IHWT - Improved Heavy Weapons Textures


FeralGhouls Hires retexture

Ghouls Hires retexture

Fallout Character Overhaul
Hall Of Face

Sorry for my english, it's not my native language.

All credits goes to:

- Boris Vorontsov
- Opethfeldt
- Scegielski
- Kyo
- gp65cj04
- arsil
- ericking1992
- Miratheus
- ZeroKing
- Trillville
- Midhras
- Kyokushinoyama
- Insomnia
- prod80
- MTichenor/IndigoNeko
- CeeJay.dk
- Marty McFly
- Matso