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This mod is NOT endorsed or made by the original team of Fallout: New California!

Adds weapon mods to FNC Watzz 2000 laser rifle, it's unique variant and Heavy laser. Gives them new weapon sounds and icons. Also add merchant containers for Silver Rush and Mick&Ralph's stores in FNV, that sell some unique weapons only found in FNC.

Permissions and credits

This mod adds:

1. Moddability of 3 weapon mods to the New California Watzz 2000,
it's unique variant Rossman's Laser Rifle and the Heavy Laser Assault Rifle.
Gives them new weapon sounds based of the original Watzz 2000 from Fallout 1 and 2.

NOTE! The "Heat Sink" -mod recipe for the Heavy Assault Laser is only visible while you carry the weapon in your hands or inventory
to reduce menu cluttering.
The mod is made at a workbench under name: "MOD: Heat Sink".

2. Adds most New California laser based weapons to the Laser Commander Weapons -list.
It also adds most Grunt perk fitting to its weapons list. This is done via script, in case another mod hard-modifies these lists,
not necessarily that they do not belong them already.

3. Adds 2 merchant weapon containers to New Vegas,
one to Silver Rush and one to Mick & Ralp's that sells some of the more unique New California only weapons.

4. Modifies Rossman's laser rifle's barrel texture. At least in my game the default texture looks off.
Adds more fitting icons for the Watzz 2000 and Heavy Assault Laser Rifle.

As of v1.02:

1. Added Wattz 2000 to Super Mutants' Hunting rifle weapons lists. Wattz 2000 rifle may now some times appear in place of hunting rifles. Super Mutants of New California may carry Heavy Assault Lasers instead of Miniguns / Incinerators.

2. Added common variant of the Rossman's Laser Rfile as 'Adv. Wattz 2000' to BoS'es weapons list, also sold by BoS Merchant.

3. Added Wattz 2000 to BoS'es Laser Rifle weapons list. BoS Paladins and Patrols may carry Heavy Assault Lasers

4. Some merchants may sometimes sell Wattz 2000 rifles if they sell energy weapons.

5. The Enclave Plasma Gatling sold by Silver Rush is renamed to E-115 Plasma Gatling (since enclave is pretty much history at that point).

As of v1.04:

1. Added some New California items like backpacks being sold by Goodsprings merchant and Ralph of Freeside.

2. Vendortron sells some New California items too, like G-40 Gassmasks and generic Riot Shields that read "Police" instead of Vault 18.

As of v1.05:

1. Plasma Gatling now has 3 weapons mods. The ammo recycler is made at workbench. The mod recipe (MOD: Plas. Gatling Recycler) is visible when carrying a Plasma Gatling in inventory. Plasma Gatling now also has a unique icon.

The mod utilizes mostly vanilla weapon mods already in the game.

Watzz 2000 / Rossman's:

- Focus Optics - 3 pts more damage
- Ammo Recycler - 1/4 shots is free
- Beam Splitter - weapon shoots 2 beams and over all damage is increased by 30%

Heavy assault laser:

- AER Scope - gives the weapon scope and night vision
- Heat Sink (made at work bench) - Increases weapon max health from 125 to 250
- Beam Splitter - weapon shoots 2 beams and over all damage is increased by 30%

Pulse Pistol:

- AER Scope - gives the weapon scope and night vision
- Magnetic Accelerator (plasma rifle mod) - Projectile speed x9
- Ammo Recycler - 1/4 shots is free

Plasma Gatling:

- HS Electrode (plasma caster mod) - Projectile speed x2
- CF Frame (laser gatling mod) - Reduce weapon weight by 50%
- Plasma Gatling Recycler (made at work bench) - 1/4 shots is free


Extract the zip's contents to your Fallout New Vegas installation folder.
The Zip's Data -folder should be combined with the data folder of Fallout New Veggas, so that the files go to their right locations.

If you are unsure, use FOMM (Fallout mod manager https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/36901)
and use FOMM's "Package Manager" for installation and uninstallation.

Required Components:

1. NVSE (Fallout New Vegas Script Extender) (http://nvse.silverlock.org/)

2. Fallout: New California (https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/45138)

3. Official DLCs (also needed to run New California)

Optional Components (but highly recommended):

1. Weapon Mods Expanded (https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/39651)

Recommended Features:

1. The Weapon Mod Menu (https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/44515)

- lautasantenni

I'll add more mods if there is interest / ideas on that.